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"It´s a skin for data fans, not for football managers" 

"looks like a complete mess,shame because i like this type of stat , never mind, back to wannachup instant result skin lol"


Spurred on by some high quality feedback, above, (yes - it's real) - I would like to introduce my skin for this year. Statman24 is my attempt at creating a skin fit for the fast moving pace of football analytics - offering built in metrics for team and player. Built to encompass three main profile areas for a player, as modelled by the lovely Romelu Lukaku, above, you can dig into their performances, attributes and their statistical outputs. With different screens available for players that you own, players that you don't and players without a club, I've tried to use the space as sensibly as possible, this time out opting for far more room across the skin. Explore the hidden buttons on the profile (look for the change in cursor around the personal information!) and compare attributes and outputs with other players. Staff profiles follow a similar methodology.

Team stats are everywhere, with new panels and amendments to competition stats, allowing you - the manager - to really get a deeper understanding of how your team is matching up, especially against your next opponent, which is part of a re-modelled tactical area. N.B. With the tactical area, you're currently unable to create a new tactic through the setup wizard - instead you'll have to load a preset (or an existing one) and amend from there. This is a continued task to re-implement...

Across the rest of the skin, many panels have been developed to match the theme and include new, important information.


I've put hundreds, if not thousands of hours into this work and I feel at a point now where I can release this feeling pretty confident that it's somewhere close to its final form. However, if you spot any bugs or issues, please can you let me know. I am more than happy to take ideas and brainstorm things with you but I won't be responding to 'show me how to change x to y' for example: as 90% of these will be about returning to numerical attribute values, which won't happen at all. Likewise, the skin is built around older code in which I was unaware of the necessity of TranslationIDs and, as such, the skin is almost unusable in any language that isn't English. Again, I apologise for this but won't be offering translations nor will be allowing other people to translate and release any panels found within my skin created by me.


I'd like to offer special thanks to @TCSSkin, @snowofman and @GIMN for their assistance in the development of this skin. Any panels that have been directly transferred from the members mentioned, or any others, are credited in game. 



Of course, this skin is free, but, if you wish to donate me the caffeine I crave to do this work, you can do so - here:



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One of the most innovative skins around.  A really well thought out tear down and rebuild of the FM interface.  Feels like a completely new game.

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