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  1. Yeah, the logos are for FM24, I'll do it when it comes out if you don't mind.
  2. OMG!, they are amazing, thank you very much edit: sorry Derek, Could you make a change? Could you change 'Club de Futbol' to 'Club Deportivo' in the CD Galiza logo? And delete de 'F' in the Boriken logo? Thanks
  3. Hi mates, I would like to start a challenge with a friend and we need two logos for our new teams. We leave your muse to work but we do have a few small indications: CD Galiza: blue colours: 009acd, white and golden. Circular shape and Viking or Celtic theme. CD Borikén: my friend is from Puerto Rico, and he would like the colours to be those of his flag if possible. Circular shape and pirates of the caribbean theme. You can change the colours or shape if you want, all suggestions are welcome. Thank you very much in advance
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