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Mustermann Iconic v1.1 1.1.0

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Installation Guide & Feature Overview


Quite a few to mention, and I'm sure there will be some that I've missed.  If I've inadvertently used something you believe I haven't credited please let me know!

tcsskin - An elder statesman of skinning, taught me a lot and been a wonderful sounding board.  All round solid fella.
keysi - For all the assistance to my many skinning queries.
Wozzie - Tad Twenty was the first skin I used.  Arguably to blame for me going down this rabbit hole!
Michaeltmurrayuk - For those base skins all those years ago.
wkdsoul - For all the assistance to my man skinning queries.
sebastian_starttrbts - For setting me down the path of pseudo-attributeless skinning.
Tyburn - Also for setting me down the path of pseudo-attributeless skinning.
_Ben_ - For being a fabulous sounding board and helping to push new ideas over the last 18 months.
Just Howie - For entertaining late night conversations on completely inconsequential skinning related nonsense.
Groot - For building my ego and helping me with various skinning queries.
Snowofman - For all the assistance to my many skinning queries.
a31632 - For being a master of buttons.
Jellico - For his consistent and constructive feedback.
VonTrips - For his consistent and constructive feedback, and assistance with Czech translations.
FERIA - For help with French translations.
Herr Jones - For help with Portuguese translations.
thebuildupplay - For help with Russian translations.



What is a Pizza Chart


https://theathletic.com/2746113/2021/09/12/a-guide-to-smarterscout-and-understanding-the-athletics-pizza-charts/ (requires subscription)

In simple terms, it’s a chart showing a high level view of how often a player performs a specific action and how that ranks when compared to their peers.  The bigger the slice, the higher the player ranks.  A player in the 90th percentile for a category means they perform that action more than 90% of other players.

The pizza chart is calculated at 5% intervals, and each concentric circle represents a 20th percentile.  It is based loosely on the above article from The Athletic, adapted to work with the metrics available within FM.

I have analysed 26,000 players playing more than 900 minutes in the Top 20 domestic leagues, breaking down each metric by position.  Due to limitations this means the underlying data is static.  For example, an Attacking Midfielder who completes 4 dribbles per game will always be ranked in the 90th percentile, even if at that exact moment in your game world there may in fact more or less players better than them.

The same metrics are used for each position (except goalkeepers) to enable you to understand the tactical profile of a player.  Forwards will be involved in a defensive capacity, and defenders will be involved in an attacking capacity, and understanding how a player compares in his position in all aspects of the game is important.

What is an Archetype?


https://theathletic.com/3473297/2022/08/10/player-roles-the-athletic/ (requires subscription)

An archetype is another high level view of whether a player is elite at a particular combination of actions.  An archetype will become active when their statistical output meets the threshold to mark them out as special at their position

They are based loosely on the above article from The Athletic, refined into fewer archetypes and adapted to work with the metrics available within FM.  This utilises the same analysis from the pizza chart, and is once again static.

For example, a Quarterback is a midfielder who is above the 60th percentile in passes completed, progressive passes and open play-key passes.  As a combination, roughly only 10% of players will meet this criteria.

How Do I Change the Colour Scheme?


Included in the download is a folder called Mustermann Iconic Alt Files.  Inside here are the 12 colour schemes supplied.  Simply choose a scheme you want and copy the file into the Mustermann Iconic/settings folder.  Once done, delete the file “Mustermann Iconic settings” and rename the copied file to “Mustermann Iconic settings”.  Inside FM, reload the skin, turning off caching.

If you want to set your own Colour Scheme, you will want to edit lines 214-241 inside the aforementioned file, using a text editor such as Notepad.  Colours are defined as RGB values.  I heartily recommend using https://colordesigner.io/color-palettes if you need help deciding on a palette.

Where is Light Mode?


Light mode is not included in the original release.  Whilst I still intend to release a light mode for this skin, I do not anticipate this being before the New Year.

Some Words Are in English.  How Do I Change This?


Where possible, I’ve tried to utilise existing translations within the game.  Unfortunately this is not always appropriate.  For čeština, Français or Português, there are alternative translation files in the Mustermann Iconic Alt Files folder.  Just copy the files for your chosen language into the Mustermann Iconic/panels/player folder.

How Do I Change Attribute Ranges?


Due to the way the skin works, you can’t change the ranges through preferences.  Instead you’ll have to use a text editor.  Inside the Mustermann Iconic/classes folder, you will need to change the values for all the files inside the attributes folder and the dna folder.  

In each file, you will need to edit the min_value and max_values to your desired ranges.  Let’s say for example, you wanted to increase the lowest range to 8, and then make the remaining bands be 4 attributes each.  You would set the first range from “1” to “8”, the second range would be “9” to “12”, the third range “13” to “16” and the final range “17” to “20”.  You would then need to repeat this for all the aforementioned files.  Once done, caching off, reload the skin.

Will You Make a “Normal” Version with Numerical Attributes?


No.  Sorry.

I Want [feature].  When Will You Add It?


I am always open to feedback and suggestions, so please let me know below.  Even if it is a good idea, however, I am not going to promise that it will be included.  With the exception of any critical bugs, I will be releasing updates a few weeks after SI’s official patches, and any additions will ultimately be at my discretion.


Usage Rights
This skin is completely free for personal use, but may not be sold or placed behind a paywall.  If you plan on using the skin publicly, or repurposing a unique element for your own released skin, you must provide credit and a link to this post.  

If, for whatever reason, you are so enamoured with this skin you want to send me a coffee, feel free to donate via PayPal.  I would like to stress there is no obligation whatsoever!


Edited by MustermannFM
v1.1 released

What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


  • Added scouting knowledge indicator to player profiles for scouted players
  • Restored "Attributes" page - this is now the same as the "Profile" page, but with player's ability/attributes above performance
  • Added match preparation summary to training overview
  • Added contract end date to header on player profile
  • Added Russian alternative files (thanks @thebuildupplay)
  • Updated player dot icons in tactic screen during match to fit rest of skin
  • Increased width of player tactical instructions dialog box to better support non-English languages
  • Fixed missing text for stats and GK attributes in player profile
  • Fixed aggregated attributes erroneously showing as 5 stars for groups that should be 0.5 stars in training reports and player comparisons
  • Fixed missing team and competition filters from player form page
  • Fixed goalkeeping stat labels missing from form selector on player profile
  • Fixed home form showing up in match lineups for both teams

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