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Electric Panther - Mustermann Edition - v1.2.0


Electric Panther skin features

  • Player Overview modification (Profile view and Attribute view)
  • Bars Attributes management (Poke @TCSSkin)
  • Staff screen modification
  • Integration of FM Stag stats for even more advanced indicators. (Poke @FMStag)
  • Integration of archetypes and Pizza Chart Made by Mustermann (Percentiles will be updated at the end of November for Pizza). (Poke @GIMN)
  • Appearance of infrastructure notes in club view
  • Info added to individual training panel.
  • Added info to learning center panel.
  • Updated scouting card.
  • Added neon effect in many areas.
  • Human trainer screen modified.
  • Modified match and summary screen panels.
  • Modified tactics screen with added player faces.
  • Club screen modified with a new, totally personal panel.
  • Added management of mini stadium packs and city pics.
  • Background management with a dozen "Electric Panther" backgrounds.
  • Instant Result added 
  • Last 11" feature added to club view. 
  • Tactical terrain changes
  • Harmonization of game colors to match your club's colors. ( :seagull: WARNING: Use with caution to dark clubs)
  • Return of settings files according to color to enhance color immersion as close as possible to your club.
  • Addition of a content creator menu with french streamers.
  • Addition of a FMSLife menu 



  • Addition of a child skin to fit 13" resolution in general and strangely help on almost 4K screen ! (Please keep the two Electric skin folder in your FM skin to use 900p version.)
  • Panel tactics fixed to show intensity and familiarities
  • Addition of shortcut below continue button
  • Manager Home Left container fixed to appear league table


  • Better Translation management to remove french words (sorry guys i'm french so it's french friendly first :D )
  • Mustermann tab : Fix for table with some missing labels
  • Stat tab in player overview fix
  • Player Popup graphical fix
  • Recommendation grade fix on scouting card
  • Stadium picture addition on calendar view
  • Rework on Last Match review news panel
  • Rework on stadium page
  • Addition of Staff List in staff overview page.
  • Addition of opposition analysis widget on tactical overview in match
  • Addition of DF11 back shirt on tactical panel
  • Opposition Analysis overlay fix to fit tactical panel.
  • Comparison attributes tactics panel fix


  • Minor Fix update
  • Addition of Praise Criticize to several player in individual training


  • Management of the comparison attributes panel on tactical panel (addition of transparency)



Player Overview


















When you download "Electric Panther - Mustermann Edition - Low Res.zip" you will get a folder with two skins inside. Please put the two skin folder inside your skins FM24 folder. Select normal or 900p version ingame according to your resolution.

Normal version is developped on Mac 16" and works well with 85% ingame zoom and sidebar "icon only", more zoom could crop visual.

900p version is developped to Mac 13" or PC 13", some 4K display or FHD display with big windows zoom could better fit with this version.

Inside skin folder you have some settings file available, choose which fit well with your club colors.

WARNING: Dark club could be difficult to read interface. Only solution at the moment is changing club color with IGE.

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Hello, is this file compatible with FM23? I’ve used it before and I love this skin but for some reason it doesnt show up when I try to change the skin

Link to review


Wonderful skin.  Really good balance of colour and spacing.  Not saying this just because he credited me, either!

Link to review
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