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  1. You replied this to me a little while ago, but I’ve also seen this on the forum tho.. So does this rule of thumb still apply for fm23? Sorry for asking so many questions from time to time, but i love what you guys are doing here so i’m browsing through the forum like a maniac wanting to gain as much knowledge as possible on everything
  2. @Derek I’ve browsed through the help section and watched installation video’s. All very familiar information. But since this is the first time using your magnificent pack i still have some questions 1. Inside the normal and small folders are the ‘@2x’ folders which contain logo’s who are bigger in size. For what purpose are they? Since the config file is placed in the normal folder which contain the 180*180 logo’s. 2. How would I activate the retro logo’s if i want to use them. Do i need to make a config file for this folder or do i need to rename and replace them into the normal folder?
  3. Before i ask this question i have browsed through the forum a bit first. I thought i’ve read somewhere in the resource section that logopacks will be updated once every month? Have i read this correctly or do updates differ from pack to pack?
  4. Nah, thank you for all the work you do to make the game so more immersive for us
  5. Hi there! Both Ajax and PSV from the dutch eredivisie use the gold stars in their logo for a while now. So please replace their current logo's with the following ones, preferably in the FMG Standard Logopack: AJAX AMSTERDAM ( ID: 992 ) PSV EINDHOVEN ( ID: 1028 )
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