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  1. have u ever thought he might be on holiday he can't be here 24/7 just to make updates to keep you all happy he does have a life away from FM
  2. In the folder number 724 its white in the game its Black on in the table its white the small ones are working fine its just the Normal one that's not i have changed the FA CUP one to white and that's working fine
  3. yes i have done all of that mate everything is like for like if i download the mega pack again will i need to put the updates in it or have you got the mega pack with all the latest updates in cheers
  4. Hi Derek I've changed the Swansea City logo from black to the grey one but it's not showing up in the game its still showing the black one the small ones have changed to the grey one any idea
  5. derek just 1 question should they be square for Vapour Logos or does it make no difference
  6. cheers mate for that really speedy work keep up the good work
  7. Hi Derek can this be made into a vapor logo please
  8. can anything be done with the Europa league badge all i can see is a part red circle on the left of the clock cheers
  9. yes have full membership on there but when i click on download full pack it takes me to update files i have got it now from here cheers anyway
  10. Hi derek over on sortitoutsi it won't let me down load the full pack when i click on it is there a problem with it cheers
  11. cheers mate I'm changing over now to the Vapor ones me bro has them and he said they are nice ones
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