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  1. AFC Barnsley - 7940511, breakaway club of Barnsley FC that suffer financial crisis around 2003. The Club was folded 16 yrs ago. Current FMG logo of this UID use Barnsley FC old logo.
  2. This is the badge that used on new kit, not the Indonesian FA logo, I'm Indonesian btw. It's up to the 'rules' whether we use badge on the kit or federation/FA logo.
  3. I find out that the chicken of Bradford City logo is barely visible here. Maybe we can change it with this one > Premier League Logo png download - 417*600 - Free Transparent Bradford City Afc png Download. - CleanPNG / KissPNG
  4. @cameosis Northern Premier League is exist in default DB And for leicestershire league is level 12 league and only exist in DanFM English Lower League DB. NPL logo is in FMG megapacks and also the NPL alternative logo and Leicestershire logo are in my zip file that I submited few days ago.
  5. Indonesian Football Association Logo (UID: 113) (Updated, wrong logo in megapack) Normal Small @2x Small
  6. Been away for a while. I know maybe not everyone playing English Lower League, but I want to submit these English Lower League Competition Logo. These UID are based on English Lower League editor data from DanFMDatabases. I take the logo from comp official twitter/fb/website or other sources as long as it show the same logo as the official has, I try to pick better res as possible and increase the res on photoshop. Some competitions are not have official logo, so I use the county/region/local football association logo. For the cup logo, mostly I use the same logo as the league logo itself. I add plain white color or their brand color as logo background for some logo with low color contrast. You can download the attachment or see it in my drive: https://bit.ly/EngLowCompLogo You can add these logo in alt folder to minimize conflict if user use different editor data. 839560003_EngLowLeagueCompLogo.zip
  7. Yap, got it. just to double check everything again.
  8. I see, so there is consideration behind it. Fyi, I got them from wikipedia and its quite reliable source.
  9. New Bekasi FC (Indonesia) Logo - 41065159
  10. @Derek Is there any psd template for FMG Standard Logo? I am willing to play English lower league and thinking that some comps logo should be better, also trying to complete the missing logo from several lower league teams.
  11. Hi @Derek, based on latest pack of FMG standard logo, I see that some nation flag use french-like flags. Maybe you have the resources but not make it yet. Here, I attach 10 nation flag addition based on fifa ranking in my game in case you are not have the resources yet. Thanks. Flags of Nation that still appear on FM FIFA Ranking.zip
  12. 4. Flag Asia Ple Double Entries Same as Pal 5. Flag Europe Bas Not Have Large Logo and Not in Large Config 6. Flag N.America Ant Not Have Large Logo, Not in Large Config and Not in Small Config 7. Flag Other Eu Not Have Large Logo, Not in Small Config and Not in Large Config
  13. Hi again @Derek After carefully double checking everything, I found several issues. 1. Club 368 Not Have Normal Logo, Not in Small Config and Not in Normal Config 2. Club 43457088 Double Entries Only in Normal Logo Folder and Double Entries in Normal Config 3. Club 33, 107, 112, 125, 1441, 129504, 130637, 214395, 15064643 (with 25x18 px) Not Have @2x Small Logo
  14. Thanks @Derek. I also a little bit confusing about different item number between normal and small folder. Its like in normal logo folder it has 10 item and in small logo folder it only has 7 item, exclude the config file and folder. I will figure it out and ask you later. For the installation guide, I click 'here' button in the first post of this thread and direct me to nothing.
  15. Hi again @Derek, I have some questions here bcs I can't access instalation guide link. 1. Can I remove all alternatives, retro, etc logo folder from each category and will it affect the logo that appear in the game? 2. How to use flags logo? Bcs it still zipped when I extract the megapack. 3. In the Megapack, small club logo folder has '@2' folder and in the update small club folder has '@2x' folder, are both folder has different purpose? Or both of them has some purpose and I can join them in one folder? Thank you in advance.
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