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  1. I have been inspired lately by my BVB save so thaught i would give it a go at some Dortmund Concepts, i have the 3D match engine kits if anyone would be intrested
  2. A few examples of some West Ham and Liverpool Concept kits Im now thinking the sponsor on the LFC kits will look better lower down
  3. I have gave it a go with these United kits, made the logos slightly bigger and made the sponsors slightly lower, any thoughts ?
  4. Thanks for the feedback mate I shall take note of it
  5. Had a go at some Newcastle concept kits based from the new owners bieng from Saudi Arabia went with a new badge too (created by a freind i know) let me know your thaughts
  6. Hi there, loving the kits guys! I have just had a go myself learning how to do these kits how are these? Seens as though i am new to this any feedback would be greatly appriciated
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