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  1. Would we be right to duplicate the Chievo logo and put it at 1122 aswell, this is the extinct Chievo in game, with their logo appearing as a club named Sona
  2. FC Clivense (2000126908) has been renamed to ChievoVerona, although this will only be in the game, through a custom database rn.
  3. Amkar Perm (130500) Blacktown City (130193) FC Jazz (33004788)
  4. Scunthorpe United - Anniversary Logo (707)
  5. FC Dinamo 1948 Bucharesti (1500) Potentially just an alternate logo now but it still appears on the club website, I am aware a vote went out a few years ago and the vote winner is the logo which appears in the pack, but given this logo appears on the website I'd thought I'd submit it
  6. Not added to the db yet but the logos are posted above
  7. Thanks, I posted them above, although I don't think they'll be needed until the data update
  8. Will just send the logos through anyways. The first is Moreton City Excelsior who will be a merger of Moreton Bay United and Albany Creek Excelsior The second is Ipswich FC who is a merger of Western Pride and Ipswich City Bulls The new clubs are currently not in the db as the mergers were both announced within the last month, perhaps just stick them in the alternatives or fantasy for now if you want them there
  9. Just curious, what do you do in terms of club mergers, I don't believe either of the ones I've found are in the DB yet but should be in future updates
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