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  1. I'm using the FMG Standard logo pack, from sortitoutsi. Maybe I missed an update, I'll double check
  2. Missing 'normal' logo. Club ID 4002011.
  3. If you're taking ideas here as well, how about backgrounds for those who use ultrawide monitors? The 'normal' backgrounds work, but they stretch to fit the screen which can look a little odd.
  4. Not sure if I'm supposed to post this here, but there's no 'normal' logo for Accrington. There is a small one. Club ID is 109210. Also, the Yeovil logo has black text above the logo, which is hard to see on dark backgrounds. Would it be possible to change it to white text? Club ID is 743. Apologies if this shouldn't be here, and feel free to move / delete it **edit** sorry, I've just seen the logo update thread, I should have looked around before diving in!
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