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  1. Ascenso ACHS Salud - 5250793 https://campeonatochileno.cl/uploads/ascenso-achs-salud/imagen/1708991283534_DWS_2024_8.svg
  2. Hi Deportes Rancagua - 75058233 75050480 - Club Deportivo Libertador Bernardo O'higgins (Sorry for the bad photo)
  3. Campeonato Itaú - 5250792 https://campeonatochileno.cl//uploads/campeonato-itau/imagen/1705684413176_DWS_2024_1.svg Supercopa Coca Cola Sin Azúcar - 75034145 https://campeonatochileno.cl/uploads/supercopa-coca-cola/imagen/1707504024596_DWS_2024_10.svg
  4. Campeonato Itaú - 5250792 https://campeonatochileno.cl/uploads/campeonato-itau/imagen/1705684413176_DWS_2024_1.svg
  5. Hello my friends. I am from Chile and as a new year I am going to leave the new logos of Chilean teams and updated championship logos for this FM24 so that they can be included in the next update Saludos Clubs: Game Ready 2000277732 - Bories 2000277733 - Gol y Gol De Vivanco 2000277734 - Teniente Merino 2000277735 - Ojanco 2000277736 - Eléctrico Refinería 2000277737 - Unión Iquique 2000277746 - San Antonio Unido de Temuco 2000277747 - Liga Universitaria Competition: Source 5250792 - Campeonato Nacional 5250793 - Ascenso
  6. Hello my friends. I am from Chile and as a new year I am going to leave the new logos of Chilean teams and updated championship logos for this FM24 so that they can be included in the next update Saludos 2000277732 2000277733 2000277734 2000277735 2000277736 2000277737 2000277746 2000277747 5250792 5250793
  7. Hi. First division of chile change his name to Campeonato Betsson and has a new logo: 5250792 vector: https://campeonatochileno.cl//uploads/campeonato-betsson/imagen/1674053990874_DWS_2023_5.svg
  8. Okay. These are the logos of the new Third B teams that are going to play in 2023. These teams will be added in the FM23 winter update. AFICT: Municipal Isla de Maipo: Municipal María Pinto: Club Coliseo Deportivo Pumanque: Monte Patria: Imperial Unido:
  9. Sorry for not responding, the time difference and work do not make it easy. The new logo of San Bernardo Unido that was presented in April 2022 is the official one for the club. What happens is that this year the team played at an amateur level in an under 18 championship, which was a previous step to be able to be accepted and compete in the third B, that is why there are no images of the adult team using the logo and it's because the adult team didn't play this year. In the same way I will leave some links with news where it is seen that the team will use the new logo this year. This is the official instagram of the club: https://www.instagram.com/san_bernardo_unido_oficial/ https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=592013056266806&set=a.489883066479806 https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=591989912935787&set=a.489883066479806 Thanks to cameosis and Derek for taking the time to investigate
  10. And I have some more logos from the CONMEBOL competitions that need to be updated. Sudamericano Sub 20 8830770 Finalissima 2000157475 Conmebol Preolimpico 8830803 Copa America 1301389 Copa Libertadores 102415 Copa Libertadores Sub 20 19158846 Conmbeol Recopa 102418 Copa Sudamericana 317567 And finally I was missing a Chilean team that I forgot to add in the previous post. San Bernardo Unido 75034128 Thank
  11. Yes, the red logo of ANFA is like the logo of the federation that is also used in some instances. The Blue and Green logos are for each particular division. Actually there is no clear definition of which are the official logos but I prefer it that way, since the divisions are more clearly differentiated. On the other hand, yesterday the new teams that will participate in Tercera B de Chile were announced and there are some new teams that will be added to the official database when the winter update is done. I have the logos of the new teams but without ID. Can I upload them here so that when they add the teams in the update, do they already have the logos ready?
  12. Hello, I am a new member from Chile and I have some logos of teams and competitions from Chile that need to be updated and added: Club: Audax Italiano 130778 Deportivo La Obra 2000145422 Colo Colito 2000145948 La Higuera 2000164184 Mulchen Unido 3177 Constitución Unido 5250441 Academia Machalí 75034124 Gasparin 75035857 Municipal Santiago 75041272 Rodelindo Roman 75049563 San Pedro de La Paz 75058228 Puente Alto 75058230 Competiton AFP PlanVital 5250792 Ascenso Betsson 5250793 Segunda Grupo TX 75034137 Tercera A 5250794 Tercera B 75016814 Tercera B Norte 75045762 Tercera B Centro 75045763 Tercera B Sur 75045764 Copa Chile EASY 5251645 Supercopa EASY 75034145 ANFA 75042234 Copa de Campeones 75050485 Proyección GATORADE 75042416
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