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  1. A few missing or newer logos to replace the old ones. logos.rar
  2. Some Greek and Arab logos. If you can't find the team id, it's because it's a newly created club for the next update in FM, and I am sending the logos now to save time. Thanks again everyone for your hard work! logos.rar
  3. Al-Suqor (id: 1024442) needs the old logo reinstated. We have created a new club as NEOM SC, with a different ID and i have already provided the logo in my previous post. Thanks!
  4. A few new team logos (to be ready for the next update of the game when these teams will be added) + 2 new logos to replace the current ones we have. logos.rar
  5. These are the logos i gathered, mostly from Greece, Turkey and a random Saudi one I remember. Also 2 competition logos but don't worry, they have been marked in the name so no confusion is made. In case some do not correspond to a team, it's because they are logos for newly created teams for the next version of FM so we can save time. @Alieeks take a look as you are more experienced in this and if you don't agree with any of them, please inform the relevant person so no cutting and cropping is done in vain. Thanks everyone again! logos.rar
  6. I am going to upload in the next few dates some new/missing Greek & Turkish logos. I am giving a heads up to you @Alieeks mostly so no time is wasted on the same logos when it can be used on other countries that need an update. As for Kalloni, AEL Kallonis (who played in the Greek Superleague once) is set as an extinct club for the new version of FM. Proodeftiki Kallonis plays in the Lower regional division for Lesbos.
  7. Some updated/better quality or missing logos logos.rar
  8. Some Greek and Saudi logos logos.rar
  9. Random missing/updated logo pack Logos.rar
  10. Umm-Salal (id: 1032763) ---> updated logo
  11. Oh I didn't know that, will do then from now on! thanks Derek! Keep up the good work!
  12. Another big update today! https://easyupload.io/53h56y
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