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  1. Aris (969) (both historical logos) APOEL (historical) (451) Omonoia (historical) (460) Asteras Nikis (updated logo) (2000005089) Zakynthos (686640) This seems to be their logo, after some research Vataniakos (36023146) (alt logo)
  2. Kallithea (129661) It looks like that this is the main logo that they're using now, website wise, socials wise, and also on SL2's official website, where as the one on the megapack is an older version with dark blue color and their date of foundation. (the dark blue could be an alternate one on the megapack one based on this information)
  3. Happened to come across this. (59006196)
  4. M. Alex. Trikalon Imathias (36046922) Orestis (36001844) Odyss. Kordeliou (36037566)
  5. Yeah i know about the Kalloni situation, i am from Lesvos after all. I was just speculating that they would come back since the new team is named "Kalloni" (Kalloni SC), by taking Veria's situation into perspective, when they made a whole new team, NPS,(translated New Football Club)Veria, but Fm used the same id. But if Kalloni (AEL) is set to be extinct again in FM24, no problem. I realized it myself that it was probably a mistake on my part anyways, when i saw that EPS Lesvou had the new team registered as Proodeftiki and the name Kalloni SC next to it. All in all, a mistake on my part, we move on
  6. (129651) (36086001) (36086002) Their sponsorship with betsson has ended, i'm guessing that the rigged games on SL2 has something to do with it, or it's just the contract that's expired.
  7. Chania (36043527) New logo after fan voting Also Kalloni (36023258) The reason im uploading this as a revert is because i'm just gonna wait for FM24 to see what happens with the new team id and also because the federation has the new team registered as Prood. Kallonis (Kalloni SC).
  8. It's merely a logo of a club not in the database (for now at least), thats why i uploaded this as a fantasy one, but if real logos of clubs dont count as fantasy logos, you can ignore this submission altogether, its all good
  9. (690094) Doxa Lesvou (fantasy logo for the time being) it's a new team competing in Lesvos's amateur division. I'm uploading this as a fantasy one bc of a database im making for personal use, and bc they could get added on the FM24 database, you never know.
  10. So they're pulling a seattle supersonics that's interesting, i had no idea of the background between this logo change,i just happened to come across it tbh
  11. Llandyrnog (352732) Al-Ettifaq (135427) Dinamo Tirana (490410) Thriamvos Lourou (36041611) Doxa Neou Sidirochoriou (36050188) Orfeas Strymis (36109769) AO Livadion (36056394) Talos Melidoniou (36093637) Mikrasiatikos Asteras (2000190014) Thermaikos Thermis (692384) Ergotelis (684777) Neoi Ergoteli (36144473)
  12. Greek Cup (129649) (updated) Their sponsorship with Novibet ended with the conclusion of the 2022-23 season.
  13. Agioi Theodoroi (36044388) Atromitos Chiliomodiou (36023225) Pansolygeiakos (36058676) Teneatis (improvement) (36093033) Thyella Petriou (36058682) Mavrommati (36116124) PAO Kokkinou (36076370) Aetos Toxoton (36075093) Koutso (36053109) Achill. Paraliou Astrous (36131467) Filothei (36046027) Kirkizates (36110349) Panagrotikos (36062885) Korakovouni (36058962)
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