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  1. Elana Toruń - 130153 - new logo, old one can be kept as alternative (it's the best quality available, I've received it from club's media page)
  2. Thank you for bigger resolutions! I'd just want to note that every logo I posted is the most current one, not every alternative you posted is still used. But wow, how did you find some bigger versions of some of these clubs is honestly mindblowing to me! On that note - I'd stay to not bother with historical logos for them, most of these clubs are really really minor clubs.
  3. Polish logos pack. Sorry for a long post, I checked most of polish clubs and noted down logos that can be changed/added. ŁKS Łódź - 1454 Club's logo due to it's nature is a bit different than the others - it's really just letters on a transparent background, club uses it in various ways and configurations, not always sticking to the white circle. But for the official games it seems that they are sticking to the letters on the white background that is also set in your logopack, but maybe these two variants could be added to the alternatives? One is the letters but with white borders that was used in the previous FMG logopack, the other is the actual team logo (letters on a transparent background). Chrobry Głogów - 717313 - redesign Current logo from press resources. Stilon Gorzów - 96021839 - correct version Warta Gorzów - 96124938 - color change Stal Brzeg - 96113553 - higher resolution, slight color tweak Rekord Bielsko-Biała - 96079808 - higher quality, colors changed Gwarek Tarnowskie Góry - 96120907 - higher resolution, redesigned hammers Unia Turza Śląska - 96109393 - the background should be transparent, taken from the club's page Wieczysta Kraków - 2000028546 - minor redesign, black border added, taken from press resources Czarni Połaniec - 96066668 - minor redesign Unia Tarnów - 96030341 - redesign Wisłoka Dębica - 54001651 - font change, taken from press resources KS Wiązownica - 96115599 - higher resolution, minor changes (no gradient on the ball) Sokół Sieniawa - 96085912 - higher resolution Podhale Nowy Targ - 96093176 - higher resolution, color changes, taken from press resources Orlęta Radzyń - 54001645 - minor changes Karpaty Krosno - 96030167 - higher resolution, minor changes (lion and eagle's eyes), font change Świdniczanka - 2000122073 - taken from press resources, current one in the pack contains graphical artefacts Pogoń Grodzisk Mazowiecki - 96056623 - redesign Unia Skierniewice - 710031 - minor redesign (3D effect removed) Broń Radom - 96030295 - color change Legionovia Legionowo - 714211 - higher resolution and quality Warta Sieradz - 54015275 - higher resolution ŁKS Łomża - 718314 - minor redesign (logo without the founding year) Zawisza Bydgoszcz - 717315 - higher resolution, from press resources Gedania Gdańsk - 96066136 - higher resolution, transparent "dots" in the crown instead of solid white Unia Swarzędz - 96055860 - higher resolution, minor redesign Pniówek 74 Pawłowice - 96030171 - I could only find the current logo from the pack on the club's merch, below is the actual team logo from the best sources I could find Academy Team badge also contains a good quality logo of the club Noteć Czarnków - 2000265456 - missing Current one with white border (best source available) Smaller source, but in .png KS Łomnica - 2000274510 - missing Zenit Międzybórz - 2000274499 - missing Wybrzeże Rewalskie Rewal - 2000255548 - missing Polonia Środa Śląska - 2000274533 - missing Łużyce Lubań - 2000274527 - missing LKS Jawiszowice - 2000291253 - missing Janowianka Janów Lubelski - 2000292591 - missing Iskra Księginice - 2000274504 - missing Huragan Pobiedziska - 2000293041 - missing (+ vector from press resources) LOGO HP 2024.cdr Górnik Złotoryja - 2000274522 - missing s BKS Bolesławiec - 2000274518 - missing Start Pruszcz - 2000290931 - missing Moravia Morawica - 2000277189 - missing
  4. I noticed some glaring issues in polish league. Widzew Łódź - 1468 Current logo has mistakenly leftover a red background above the flag. Here's the logo from club's official press resources. Stal Rzeszów - 130127 The stork in the middle is white, not transparent. From official press resources: Legia Warszawa - 1456 Current alternative logo should be the main one - the shield with and "L" is just an iconic emblem of the team, used on the jersey in place of the full logo, but it has never been an official team logo. Here's the full history of the logo with graphical examples (in polish, but with images!) https://polskielogo.net/legia-warszawa/
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