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  1. ok i got you, but in the last update there was no alternative logo for Armenia
  2. so? as i see, football federations in game have their logos, not the country symbols... and btw i cant remember when armenian team plays in this black jerseys haha. So i think in next update federation logo should be federation logo. @Derekmake a notice from here plz
  3. This is the wrong logo. This is the national emblem of the country, not the football federation, the original package had a normal logo, why replace it? The federation logo can be found in Google in 1 second. Update pls. 754 - Armenian football federation. Source - FFA official page https://www.ffa.am/en/home
  4. Hey guys! Some logos for update: Armenian Cup id59006199 (better to edit in black stroke) Armenian Premier League id59006196 FC Syunik id59006799
  5. Hello! Update pls: FC Gandzasar (Armenia) id59001468 FC Syunik (Armenia) id59006799 Source: armenian football federation official site: https://www.ffa.am/en/first-league/clubs
  6. Hey there. Need to uptade Austria Salzburg (ID 16046867) The logo with white color inside is displayed better, with purple it is almost invisible. New logo:
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