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  1. Lliga Elit (originally named Superlliga Catalana) - ID 2000289890
  2. Atlético Coruña Montañeros (correct logo) - ID 67040806
  3. Arenas de Armilla (correct logo from RFEF website) - ID 814593 Maybe the previous logo can be used as an alternative.
  4. Atlético Madrileño C.F. (correct logo from RFEF website) - ID 67248767
  5. Missing logo C.D. Padura - ID 2000193351 Sorry, I couldn't find a high resolution of this logo.
  6. Urraca C.F. (correct logo) - ID 67100086
  7. Arosa SC (correct logo) - ID 4212247 *actually the color of the logo is red and white.
  8. COMPETITIONS Missing logo UEFA-CONMEBOL Club Challenge - ID 2000272767
  9. Can I request the Saudi Reserve League logo? I know it's not on DB, but I would like to create this competition for FM 24.
  10. COMPETITIONS New logo Saudi First Division League - ID 7920264 New logo Saudi Second Division - ID 7920294 New logo Saudi Second Division Group A - ID 23155549 New logo Saudi Second Division Group B - ID 23155550 CLUBS Missing logo Muhayil Club - ID 2000266319
  11. Hello @Derek thanks in advance before, love your work! and I would like to ask, have you prepared the latest logos for Saudi First Division League, Saudi Second Division League and added Muhayil Club logo from Saudi division 3 in your FMV logos as below:
  12. sptndc

    FMV Logos 2024.01

    Has v2024.01 changed the EFL Trophy logo from Papa John's Trophy to Bristol Street Motors Trophy?
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