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  1. Appreciate if we could also have this Luton Town logo created. Thanks.
  2. Please can the following be created? Thanks.
  3. @Derek Please use the logos I already submitted a few weeks back as they are of superior quality. No offence.
  4. Carabao Cup - 1301427 With white border as used officially.
  5. English Football League (EFL) logos are outdated. Please find current league logos below: 12 - Championship 13 - League One 14 - League Two
  6. Please find attatched alternative logo for La Liga with white text and 'Santander' sponsor. ID: 67
  7. I couldn't find a version of the La Liga logo which I thought looked good with the darker FM23 skin. Therefore, I've simply amended the 'La Liga' text in the logo by changing it to white which I believe stands out better. Hope this can be added to the standard logos pack as an alternative at least. ID: 68 EDIT: Apologies, I mistakenly posted the logo for the Spanish Second Division, as identified via the 'SmartBank' sponsor.
  8. Hi, the Wrexham AFC logo in the Standard Logos megapack is incorrect. The club logo was updated some years ago with small changes, most notably with the year founded being changed to 1864. Please see correct logo attatched.
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