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  1. Good research, I think looking at this both options are fine.
  2. Yes, they however use a white outline around the top logo now from what I’m seeing. The one above is used this season and they will remove the 1954-2024 from it after this month basically. Good way to bring back a classic logo, use it for a anniversary and let the supporters decide after to keep it or not.
  3. De Graafschap (ID: 1000) new logo Source: https://x.com/DeGraafschap/status/1787547130552283325
  4. sv Spakenburg (still not updated) 2367 vv Dongen 37040430
  5. USV Hercules (37002160) Sparta Nijkerk (851549)
  6. RB Bragantino II (ID: 19057187) still has the Brazil logo instead of Bragantino (ID: 317). Might be wise to copy that one over.
  7. RKVV DEM (37049046) JOS/Watergraafsmeer (37018565) HBS Craeyenhout (37009780) Concordia Delft (100896, former Eredivisie winners) HVV Den Haag (100881, former Eredivisie winners) HSC'21 (2351) HFC Haarlem (1016, looks better compared to current one) RBC Roosendaal (1031, improved quality compared to the one previously posted)
  8. JVC Cuijk (851679) Alternative (potentially better for FM, suggest to use this and include the one above in the alt folder):
  9. Vitesse 2nd team is not having a correct logo, logo for both 1046 and 37060574 I also found some logos which are named 'alt', which can be removed from the folder & config
  10. Another logo is incorrect, which is SV Spakenburg (ID: 2367). Alternative version:
  11. Forum Sport (37049011) updated logo - this year they also run a special version for the year 2023 only, so that means that it is already old again and the one above can be used. Still we can include is as an alternative. Aside, the TOP Oss logo (ID: 1042) is not correct (see website and their socials). See below for the correct logo:
  12. Open quote for game_ready formatted images
  13. Some updates to Dutch club logos for the next update. DOVO (ID 2333) has a new logo since Dec 2023, all others are just quality improvements. https://www.mediafire.com/file/0b97e0olizfdz9w/NL-updates.zip/file Btw, when the quality of the logo is poor Adobe has some AI neural filters inside the latest Photoshop update, 'superzoom' helps quite a lot. For example, the club above (43386409, image corrected from official site) From To
  14. First post here, I used to write @schweigi on sortitoutsi. However I guess posting new logos here should be easier. SV Bedum (ID: 37018554), already using this new logo since 2013
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