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Kit Design Request Thread


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Hi, sorry to bother you!

I allow myself to send you a message because I need your help! 🙏
I am an FM player, I have a career with a French D4 club and I would like to create the jerseys for my club's homepage, unfortunately I do not master this at all..

I would like to know if it was possible for me to do it, I have the photo of the jersey, as well as the logo and sponsors of the club!

That would be really nice of you!

Thanks in advance 🙂( sorry for my average english lol )

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amazing work, thank you very much for your reactivity.
I have one last question... I can't add him to the team in question "AS Beauvais Oise". I do have a jersey kit file but the team shortcuts are already filled in and I don't know the name of the Beauvais team shortcut to rename the 2 files you made for me
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Hi man, I will need your services again!
An update came out with my hometown club but I'm not the shirts or the logo or the stadium photo..
I'm sending this to you, do you think you can do anything for me?
- me make the 2 jerseys
- the logo in 200x200 format (normal) and another in 20x20 (small)
- the photo of the stadium in 800x480

thanks in advance




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  • Administrators

No problem. Does this club exist in-game and if so can you share the I.D. number for our records?

Logo Request


Logo Recommended Sizes


The stadium pic is too small for the size you have requested but I have made it. If you get a better photo send it on to me.

Stadium Jpg


Stadium Png


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You are a genius man, I managed to add the logo and the 2 jerseys. Thank you very much for your work!

The club does not exist in the game, you have to download the database "R3MO" on the Steam workshop (up to the 8th division in France) and the ID is: "2000168332" and "liancourtclermont1" and "2" for the jerseys.

The only problem is that the club has no stadium at all in the game so it's impossible to add the stadium picture... do you have a solution? Should I create a stadium on FM Editor?


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😂😂😂 je me suis pris un stop, j’ai testé un peu fm Editor je trouvais pas l’update je ne comprenais pas pourquoi… en faite elle est compatible sur fm21 version 22.4 mais pas sur fm22, je vais devoir m’amuser à remplacer par un club existant.

Encore merci à toi pour ton boulot et ta patience mec.

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😂😂😂I took a stop, I tested a little fm Editor I couldn't find the update I didn't understand why... in fact it's compatible on fm21 version 22.4 but not on fm22, I'm going to have to have fun replacing it with an existing club.

Thanks again to you for your work and your patience man

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Not sure if i should ask here or on the Create a Club section beucase right now i just need to see how the kits will look in a club, then i will do a thread with the entire league.

Sooo i need FMG kits of the club "Atlanta Braves", the instructioons are the notepad, i included the team "Arizona Diamondbacks" just for you guys to understand better how the kit should be.


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Hello! I would need GIF Sundsvall`s home and away jersey to my FM22 save with them but i only need 3d kit in the shirt so if someone will do that it would be amazing
Here are images how the shirts look. The blue shirt is the home and the white are away.



That is the front of the home shirt and the back of the home shirt



And that is the away shirt the front and the back (the white shirt have small yellow stripes)

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12 hours ago, Derek said:

@marsun19 I haven't worked with 3D kits before but if nobody completes this for you over the next day or so I will try make them for you. Could you provide any of the logos used on the kits please?

I was jsut going to say that a friend of me have made 3d kits now so i have that now, but thanks anyway
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