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Logo Redesigns


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I have found this round Newcastle shield, (in case it helps you for your creations).And if you could PLEASE make it for me in steel ... (for my new game of FM22).

Yes it's a very nice logo which I've seen on Design Football before. Thanks

See the link below for the Steel Logo Request Thread for any requests.


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Palermo Football Club

Palermo look set to join the City Football Group and with that in mind I've recreated their logo in a similar style to that of other clubs currently in the group.




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Hi, your designs are great

Is it possible to redesign (and simplify) the Jammerbugt FC logo for me. I would prefer it to stay with the shield shape. Leave the big “J” there in some way (something like Inter Milano or Sparta Praha, I was also thinking about having the "J" as the outline of the shield shape [Something like Genk]).

I would also prefer, if the horizontal stripes would stay there as well.

Also if i could ask, please don't add the text “Jammerbugt FC” into the logo, i want something simple like Sparta Praha, Norsjaelland, Juventus, Borussia Dortmund, Genk etc.

And my last requirement for the logo: Please include two (golden) stars into the logo as well with option to add more stars (up to maybe 5). Either above the logo, like Sparta Praha, or incorporated into the logo in some way, like Brondby.


Thank you in advance.


(Current Jammerbugt logo attached)


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