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Would like someone to create a club for me, with stadium, players, kits, logo etc...


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ok, so the club would be inspired by Game of Thrones, House Targaryen, colors would be black and red mostly, with a third kit I guess use you imagination for something that would fit. i know there is house Blackfire as well which is oposit colors of red and black, would like the owner/ chairman etc... to be actually characters from the house itself. would be founder based. stadium would be named after Dragonstone castle and the "City" would be DragonStone and area would be the region be the crownlands in the country of wales, but still in the English football divisions just like couple of other ones., need the club to be really low, so I would start on the bare minimum which would be english 6th division south or north, it doesn't matter, but low budget, low income etc... rules to only recruit from uk/ireland region, so scotland, wales, England, Ireland and n. ireland. and only recruit players under 21. 
Owner of the club would be Daenerys Targaryen. only main team, no u21 or u18 or any of that to start with. would start as semi professional and all players would be 16. which would be 21 of those. all with no more then 60 CA and no more then 80-100 PA. if possible have them named after proper game of thrones characters and if can find faces for them would be even better.
no debt, but low on cash and low on sponsors and such, so I would start with really low income and payroll. 
the stadium should house the lowest possible amount of people, I would like to be able to upgrade it with time. and field made of grass only.
sponsors for kits should be up to your imagination, but maybe the iron bank or idk, something cool. please let me know if you have a rough idea of something cool, and what would be the cost of such a thing.
Thank you in advance 🙂
Also on a side note, if someone can make the new 23/24 uniform for Wrexham, that would be cool.
one last thing, if it's possible to create another club at the same level which would be house Blackfire to be our derby rivels then that would be a big +

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