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Create a Club: Timisoara United


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Hi everyone. I want to start a Create a Club save, with a new team from my city which will be called Timisoara United. I would appreciate your guys' help with the logo and kits since I have no idea how to create some. The idea of the club is to promote young local/national talents to help the national team of Romania (which wont be easy haha) but at the same time the team will be affiliated to Atlanta United because for some reason I thought: what if the owner of Atlanta United would invest in creating a Romanian wonderkid spawner. So, getting back to the logo, the colours that I want the team to have are mainly black, secondary red and some gold outlines. If possible I'd like the logo to include a landscape of the Metropolitan Cathedral (picture below) from Timisoara, if not I appreciate other creative ideas. The kits are up to you to create, but the home kit must include the 3 colours I mentioned earlier. Thank you very much in advance.


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I forgot to mention, I want to have some local sponsors on the kits, main sponsor is the first picture (but make the colours to fit the kit, thanks, I hope I am not too picky) and somewhere on the sleeve or down on the back of the shirt have the second sponsor. 


logo 2.png

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