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The Rise Of Bristol United FC


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Hello I’m looking to start a new Football club in FM based in Bristol, England. My plan is to start in the lowest division and take them to the very elite. I have come across this website and seen the amazing logos and kits that you guys have been able to create for the community and would love to know if you guys would be able to help me out. 

Club Name - Bristol United FC

Club Logo: 

I would like the club logo to be Similar to the Chelsea logo shape wise but in the centre where the lion would be i would like the Clifton Suspension bridge  and the name to be changed to Bristol United. I would like the logo to also feature a different colour scheme. For the Home kit i would like it to be gold and white, Away kit i would like it to be Pink, blue and black and finally the Third kit to be red, black and gold. So in a simple sense i want the colour of the club logo to match the kit colour scheme. 

Suspension Bridge 


Club Kits:

Home Kit: The kit sponsor for the home kit will be Nike and the main sponsor will be Visit Bristol  and the colour scheme for this kit will be gold and white i would like it to look something like this - 


Away Kit: The kit sponsor for the away kit will be Nike and the colour scheme for this kit will be black, pink and blue and i would like it to look something like this -


Third Kit: The Kit sponsor for the third kit will be Jordan and the main sponsor to be the SS Great Britain I want this kits design to be based on the SS Great Britain so i would like the colour scheme to be black, gold and red and look something like this -blackredgold.thumb.png.3883f72846945ae551b8412d88057b1d.png

Sponsors -VisitBristol.thumb.png.af822e34e59b2d3f9bc828f64d7c26a2.pngSSGreatBritainOriginal.thumb.png.52368ce21a94e38089aa737ffa5b5f1f.png

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