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Logos for 4 teams


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Hi again, i'm going to start a small fantasy draft league so i would need logos for it in standard version, if it's possible please:

Rome Gladiators - AS Rome colours logo but with something related to gladiators in the middle.

Shanghai Dragons - Green or Dark Green background(whichever looks better) with a golden dragon head, the shape of the logo should have some curves.

London Royals - Purple background with a white detailed crown with maybe a football under it.

Seoul Tigers - White or Black background, white lion with black spots/stripes.

All the logos that i didn't mentioned a logo shape, it should be a random shape, i like the round logos but i would like some diversity on the shapes.

Oh and the name of the team on each logo.

Thanks in advance


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I'm so sorry but i need 4 more logos please, this are the last 4:

Abuja Black Eagles - a badge with the eagle bigger than the badge. Similar to this logo: black-eagle-mascot-logo_183875-1111.thumb.png.6da4330971ccc8f3199b0587e20b8e19.pngColors: black, green, white; Lettering: Black Eagles

Lisbon Navigators - with a caravela and a similar cross to the one of Vasco da Gama or Belenenses. Colors: bordeaux, white, light orange; Lettering - Navigators

Napoli Hitmen - inspired by the Calgary Hitmen hockey team's logo. Calgary_Hitmen_logo_svg.thumb.png.500d216d201f36d04d75899b9d057d3a.png but only with the guy, his head should be a football tho, just like here: Italia_90.png Colors: yellow, dark blue, red if it fits somehow; Lettering - Hitmen

Buenos Aires Bravos - it must have a bull, that's the only request. Colors: dark blue with a vertical pink stripe. Bull color is up to you. Lettering: Bravos

Sorry i know this is a very specific request (and it came out very confusing sadly) but thanks in advance!

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