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Prestwick Town FC

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I'm new here but I saw some of your work on the create a club forums. I created a club Prestwick Town FC in Scotland on the FM Editor 24 you get in steam. I did everything in the editor file but for some reason I can't get the badge to go in game. So I thought I'd ask for help, I've included the files below.

Also my logo is pretty basic and I have no custom kits so I wondered if you could maybe create some for me as your creations are highly impressive. 

As you'll see in the file the main colours are Scottish Navy Blue and a Bright Yellow. I nicknamed them the Icari because of the statue outside the airport called the Monkton Icarus. 

I was wondering if for the kits, they could be Nike and then be sponsored by the Airport or something like that.

Home: Navy Blue and Yellow, Away: Yellow and Black, Third: All Black with the Navy Blue (Similar to a blackout kit but with navy blue instead of black)

I hope all this helps and all the files attached help you to get the picture of what I'm trying to do.

Would be amazing of you could help with this, Thanks Ever so much! 


Screenshot 2024-05-30 at 19.07.01.png

Prestwick Town.fmf18.57 kB · 0 downloads

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