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What a season, to finish on 96 points and not go up automatic is just unbelievable in itself, but credit to Ipswich and Plymouth for keeping going and not faltering.

But lets talk about the play-offs, infact not just the play-offs, lets talk about last night.

Liverpool fans will have fond memories of that Origi goal against Barcelona after being behind in the first leg. 

Man City fans will have fond memories of that Aguero moment.

Man Utd the Champions League final of 99.

Me and my fellow Wednesday fans, we've had our moments. That Sheridan goal in the Rumblows cup final in 1990, that Waddle goal vs Sheff Utd in the 93. But last night. Let me tell you....

After being beaten in the first leg 4-0 at Peterborough I was dejected, the season looked over another season in league one beckons, The manager getting abuse on Twitter the chairman too. The players taking a radio silence approach nothing coming out of the SWFC camp. The fans where getting restless and even I doubted at first. As the week went on I started telling people "I've seen us score 5 this season on one occasion against MK Dons, Peterborough have conceded 5 against Bolton. All we need is 2 early goals and its game on...." Then came the day, the morning infact it was Blue bin day this was a sign I told myself and my friend I was going to the match with. We have been to a few games this season together and we hadn't lost in the times we have been.

15:30 came time to start getting ready I decided to double up on the wednesday shirts. The black and yellow shirt my hoody and last seasons home shirt. I was nervous. I got picked up at 5:30 to go to the pub on the way to the ground. The pub which used to be a home fans only pub started bringing in Peterborough fans the atmosphere was friendly upbeat. Wednesday fans talking about going two goals up early there was something about this evening.

19:00 standing outside Hillsborough drinking southern comfort and lemonade enjoying the atmosphere letting it all sink in the nerves have gone adrenaline taking hold just 2 quick goals we can do this. A friend spotted me with his son and came over to chat "Just spoke to a Peterborough fan up the road, they're not confident" 

19:45 we walk into the Kop end in the corner Penistone Road behind us "We're all Wednesday are we ole ole" being sang by all 4 stands 

not long after kick off Windass gets the ball on the right wing runs into the box gets taken down penalty. Upsteps Smudge (Smith) 1-0! I send a snapchat to my son 1-0 It's happening. The second goal comes and it was vivid I can't remember how it happened I just remember getting jumped on by fans in the stand all jumping grabbing anyone my son messages me It's Happening.

Half time comes fans in the stand happy with the first half performance quick third goal we've got this. 

The second half starts and proceeds with us bombarding them from wide, somehow Gregorys acrobatic overhead kick was saved, smith heads inches wide shot after shot then Reece James breaks into the box and pokes it into the net more pandemodium. Is it happening? YES YES IT IS another snap chat to my son IT'S HAPPENING. 

More of the same more bombarding their goal them defending for their lives. I think there was a penalty call for them but it's all a blur still. 6 minutes added time the crowd erupt 4-3 on agg Iorfa goes down with cramp nearly 2 minutes then the game resumes an then at the last our very own Liam Palmer pokes in a headed ball by flint across the box the ground erupts this is it this is our Aguero moment our CL99 moment, this is magical. 

As soon as they scored in Extra time to make it 5-4 the belief was still there, the crowd went quite for only a short while before we erupted again full force Callum Paterson. This guy noone has any idea where he plays he just gets shoehorned into any position brings it level 5-5 and we see the game out to penalties. The nerves made their way back noone likes penalties but the coolness and the composure from every player that stepped up oozed through the crowd. Jack Hunt was even chewing gum while taking his penalty. 

Wembley bound if I can get a ticket. This is something I doubt I'll get to witness again but I am so happy to have witnessed it. 

And thank you to everyone who watched and cheered us on from home all the neutrals that have messaged me telling me it was amazing to watch. I'm still in disbelief even as I type this. 

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I can't for the life of me understand why Birmingham have just sacked John Eustace who has started the season well and sits in 6th. They finished 17th last season!

Who's the replacement you may ask? Wayne Rooney looks likely for it.

I know that a Tom Brady/Wayne Rooney combination puts more spotlight etc on the club but I just find it a bit odd.

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