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  1. "Last summer the club was placed into judicial liquidation, with the FFF refusing a newly formed association the rights to continue with the FC Sète name." I'm quoting wikipedia. But I can't find any official information if they changed their logo or kept the old one. This year the club plays in Régional 1 (8th division).
  2. SC Sète (old name was FC Sète) ID: 2000282946
  3. Premier League U18 (95041306, 95041307, 95041308)
  4. I've watched it last week. Liked it. If you haven't seen it, the german show Dark (also on Netflix) is the same kind of show.
  5. @Derek The white logo is the actual one. The other logo you show is a leak for EURO24. I didn't see anything official for now. I guess we will have to wait a week as there is a game coming.
  6. MSV Duisburg (id: 933) Anniversary logo Vector
  7. My bad. Credits was given on another forum but not here. I will edit the OP here to give credit to all the people who helped me.
  8. Version 1.0


    Hi all, I come back this year with a new skin. Hope you will like it.
  9. Hi all on FMG, I come back today with my new skin. As I like the blueish touch in this year's game, no more gold for me. It will be all blue this time (but with a reds save as you can see with the screens) DOWNLOAD SSD23 v1.0 Credits: a31632 : Thank you for helping me in the inbox screen to add/move the faces on the left of the screen. FMEnhanced : Thank you for allowing me to use some of your panels (popup player) wozzie : Thank you for allowing me to use some of your panels (nation overview for exemple) michaeltmurrayuk, bluestillidie00, wkdsoul : And others from official SI forums for all the help and advices given.
  10. Yes. Not too far from release. Maybe this week end.
  11. 2. Liga Slovakia (7560277) Slovakia Cup (7560279) https://mediamanager.sportnet.online/media/pages/f/futbalsfz.sk/2022/05/slovnaft-cup-logo-2021.zip
  12. Amis français (je suis aussi français), merci de faire un effort d'écrire en anglais comme tout le monde sur un forum où on retrouve toutes sortes de nationalités. On a des anglais, irlandais, néerlandais, italiens et bien d'autres encore. Je ne vois aucun message en italien, néerlandais ou une autre langue. Surtout que c'est à chaque fois pour demander la même chose. Alors que si vous vouliez bien lire les instructions données au premier post, vous auriez votre réponse. English: My French friends (I'm also French), please try to make an effort to write in English like everyone else on this forum where you can find several nationalities. There is english, irish, dutch, italian people and even more. I can't see any message written in italian, dutch or another language. Especially that each time is to ask the same thing. When you want to read the instructions given in the opening post, you will have your answer. This last point works for everyone, not only French people.
  13. Last rumour I've heard was Marseille. If he want to try another one of the big leagues, he can play in France. Plus, it will bring back the rivalry with Messi. But honestly the club don't have the money to make such a move. I'd like to see him play for a french team, but the only club which can get him is PSG and they don't need him.
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