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  1. Jeezo, not bad at all. I am trying to get mine consistent, no happening as yet lol
  2. With a bit of help on YouTube, i have managed to create a semi stable tactic. But like you, keep hanging on towards the end. I usually try make subs about the 70th minute and drop my mentality.
  3. So, who is good at making tactics and giving advice on the forum? I'm trying to get into making my own tactics, seem to fail a lot but I am still trying. What are you hints and tips you would give a struggling tactition?
  4. Only started with £3m, couldn't get any decent players in, no one wanted to come on loan and I didn't want to sell my best players. I am waiting to see what January brings although my balance is fast falling deeper in the red.
  5. So, it has been a mixed start to the season. In the top half of the league tho, only signing is as above. Also, @Derek, Diego has 2 goals in 7 starts. No exactly lighting the league on fire as yet but an ok stand in while my 2 main strikers are injured.
  6. FM23 IS HERE So, the Beta has landed, and I have started. To get used to the game, I have decided to go Wolverhampton in the English Premier League. Had a decent preseason with my first tactic of the game. Only 1 player in so far, Michael Kean on loan. So far, I am enjoying it. I am trying to get used to the new scouting way. Anyway, I will try keep this updated before starting my main save.
  7. Caved in and pre-ordered it!! Now hurry up and release lol
  8. Watched the latest episode last night, think I may go them too
  9. Same, I barely go Dunfermline or Spurs unless I made my way up to them reputation wise. I have started supporting Larne recently, may start with them.
  10. Totally mate. I love the shirts I have so far. I follow them on twitter, tweeted each one I got. They are brilliant mate.
  11. Haven't pre-ordered it yet, but get paid on Wednesday so I will then. I am hoping to start a journeyman save as per my other post! I am hoping to do better than my first save of fm22 and get past 2038
  12. Ohhh nice mate. I have 3 shirts from them so far, 1 from Argentina, 1 Poland and 1 for USA pub leagues lol.
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