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  1. I re-uploaded Galatasaray logo with its some fixes and original colors. Galatasaray is using black logo in some seasons. I would appreciate it if copy it to alternate folder.
  2. Türkiye New Logos - HD - 23 Logos Türkiye New Logos.zip
  3. News: TFF Chairman Büyükekşi: "If Fenerbahçe comes out with 5 stars, I will follow necessary rules." Officially forbidden
  4. Fenerbahçe will use this logo only for "press". These logos will not be used on kits either. Officially forbidden. Because their league cups are not officially recognized. Fenerbahçe wants their previous league cups to be accepted.
  5. There are a cut mistakes in Lyon logo. I fixed them.
  6. May God ease. Because there are too many logo.
  7. cheers. i waiting for your update, usta.
  8. Norwich City official website. This is how they use logo on their social media. Yellow outline.
  9. I'm re-uploading logo you uploaded in full hd (sponsored). SERIE A 2022 - 4K
  10. I took Serie A logo from Serie A official website. There was no sponsored logo there. What you say may be correct.
  11. Some of logos were of poor quality so I uploaded them. I also love Italian League. Grande Terim
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