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  1. Looking at https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/browse/29/853252/timeline, I think that logo needs to be replaced? 219715 - U18 Premier Division Cup (has logo for FA Youth Cup which is 95041317)
  2. I’ve placed quite a lot of these in the lower leagues of their respective nations, some to operate as national Red Bull academies that feed to the larger RB clubs & some to become part of the larger RB clubs down the line. I love it cause I’m weirdly fascinated by international football networks such as RB or the City Football Group. Quick question, do you use Photoshop for your logos or Illustrator?
  3. This is brilliant! Would it be alright if I was to use the graphics and replace other teams instead of the ones you've replaced? Personal use only ofc. I really love the logo design you've gone with, could you possibly make a few variants with other large city names etc. from around the world that aren't included? I create my own logos for personal projects but don't want to replicate your work so thought I'd ask instead.
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