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  1. SR Saint-Dié Kellerman (ID 6201728)
  2. New Banbury United Logo (ID : 5103640)
  3. Hello Can you make this logo to Pordenone Calcio in Italia in FMV Style please? Thanks a lot for the job
  4. Hello Can you make this fantasy logo to AFC Wimbledon in FMV style if it's possible? Thanks a lot
  5. New FC Le Mont logo (ID: 69005058)
  6. It's just addicting. The Universe of Origins is very good too. See the map ont the top of the pyramid, just amazing. Valhalla, it's an another thing, but the graphims are beautiful really. Play at the Orlog, it's very fun. And for the three, it's a good story. Good games and have fun
  7. Thanks a lot @Derek, very good job
  8. Yes, but it's not my favorite. The story of Odyssey is better, and the Ancient Greek Universe is just amazing
  9. If you like Assassin's Creed, you can play at Assassin's Creed Odyssey. For me, one of the best in the Series of Assassin's Creed. The Story, the game play, it's a very good game.
  10. You can make this another version of SSV Ulm creation? And I make a fantasy logo for Louhans-Cuiseaux FC (ID : 837), you can make this in FMV Style? Thanks a lot for the other logos, they are great.
  11. I have make two modifications on my logo for SSV Ulm. In finally, there is this logo to make in FMV Style if it's possible.
  12. No problem, you make this if you can. It's festive time, it's normal
  13. Hello I make this Logo for SSV Ulm (ID : 957) in Germany. Can you make this in FMV Style? Thanks a lot in advance
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