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  1. Really? I did not really like it... Has anyone watched The Boys or/and Gen V at Prime? Those two superhero shows (Gen V is a spinoff) are so bloody (and) funny! Another decent show I found is Invincible, also on Prime. This is a weird one, it is also a superhero show, but sit through the first (pretty boring) episode and you want to see the rest very quickly! I recently watched The Recruit, decent police show with some humour, and all of the Chicago shows (Med, PD and Fire). All three are pretty good productions and I like Beghe in PD as a cop who sometimes bends the rules (a lot).
  2. Wicky often takes over Ajax in my games...
  3. I know Prso from his time at Monaco, when he scored those 4 goals against Deportivo la Coruna. That was legendary
  4. Bound to happen in real life too
  5. Nice job! Too bad you lost that one!
  6. And missed this! 1 0 against Ajax wait till @VyKing sees this
  7. All right, the next update. Last time I ended the season, but did not update this thread yet. I can't even remember correctly how the games went since it has been a while ago, but we did win the Eredivisie again, but were knocked out of the CL against Man City in the QF. We also managed to win the KNVB Beker once more against a tough AZ. Endrick finished the season with 57 league goals, and 78 goals in total. Schedule and results League table Great season overall, but obviously I became a little bored with it. Also, I can't seem to center my text as before.. Onto the transfers... Nothing much notable really... Only player I brought in is a Brazilian wonderkid Yan Cavalcanti for 20M, no notable transfers out as well, it has been fairly quiet. Profile As you can see I'm a little further now, half the season through, but I will update on that one later!
  8. Obviously we have played the game for, well, some of us, 20 odd years. I recently read some stuff about players (mostly newgens) getting cancer treatment in the game, getting your son through the youth academy, coming out as gay etcetera. I think my weirdest experience was this one, maybe I told it before, can't find it, but I tell again. In 2018 Holland did not qualify for the World Cup in real life, but in my FM18 game, they actually did qualify. With only few qualification games left, they went to Russia. In my game Van Wolfswinkel (my main striker at the time) had a very good campaign, and was selected. He was pretty much average, compare him to Weghorst or someone similar, maybe even not as good as Weghorst. He started games on the bench obviously a lot, but whenever he came on he most often scored. Holland went all the way in that game and won a World Cup when in real life they did not even qualify. With Wolfswinkel playing way above his average as their main striker since the Quarter Finals. Anyone else had remarkable things happen which could not possibly happen in real life?
  9. Totally okay. Like I said before, my club deserves to be last, I have accepted it. I am not afraid of relegation, I am afraid my club won't exist anymore anytime soon
  10. Hard and deep, my bitch, hard and deep... We are moderators on this site right? We should be a better example
  11. Vitesse is not a big club, and at the time of writing, Ajax was 18th. My club deserves it anyway, for various reasons. And. Asshole.
  12. Because we're bottom, and tactically Cocu was just godawful. The players brought in (mostly on loan or on a free) are sub-par quality as well. Matches are just boring to watch, we can't seem to score or create chances for that matter, and the defence is leaky as hell... In a nutshell. Good luck with Utrecht, they are also struggling in real life, but in FM they have a decent team, I believe!
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