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  1. Boom Huge progress in his development.
  2. As we just reached halfway point in the season, here is a mini update how the season going so far. No surprise we are smashing everyone in the league. Still doing well in Champions League, especially with draw against Barca and Benfica Nice healthy gap between us and Feyenoord! Beaten alot of top Europeans team to sign this kid, I still felt we are lacking goalscoring striker. Costing me 1 million pounds.
  3. Tough start, and good luck with Hannover96
  4. BOOYAH! Been great for us Other 3 on the list Very decent progress by Piet Currently on loan to Heerenveen. Believe he came through in my first youth intake, Very happy with his game time at Beşiktaş
  5. My new HOYD, felt need a change and got resolute personality
  6. I'm still using original version
  7. Another trophy in the bag Roll on this season!
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