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House Targaryan Logo


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Have you created the save yet mate?

I don't mind making the logos for each of the houses if that's what you are going to do going forward. 

It's easy to make them as a set and just change colours/symbols.

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Yes, i already created a savee, this is the logo I'm using at the moment. which is just a logo of the house I found on line, but if I can get something better like those that look like stone or steel and what not, then that would be cool.

and yes, I was planning on later on when I have the time to actually make a all new league just from all the houses in game of thrones, including the minor houses so I can have like 5 div. but that's a long term project I was thinking of doing.

Screenshot 2023-08-04 185824.png

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OMG, that looks so good, I love it. how can we make it into actual game uniforms? like 2d and for 3d?
I would change the game of Thrones part into Dragonlords though.

and would the players numbers still show up in the back?

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29 minutes ago, Derek said:

Can you send me the ID number for the team or even better would be the fmf file.

O, if you talking about the all-Westeros league that I made back in FM23, I don't have that stuff anymore, I deleted everything when I downloaded FM24, and since there's no pre-game editor yet, I had to use the in-game create a club function to make a new team. not detailed as I wished, but it's all I can do at the moment.
The ID of the team at the moment, if I'm looking at the right place is 90060453

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