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FMG flags installation


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Hi there, Im trying to install the vapour flags to go with my vapour logos. I've downloaded the file and searched online to where these go. I've tried adding them in my graphics/logogs folder and also in the graphics folder creating a new folder for flags but none of this has worked. I seem to have flags already in the game but they are not in any of my FM22 graphics folders. Can someone please help. TIA

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Hi @DaveHouto

They should work with all skins mate and simply need to be placed anywhere within the graphics folder. They will then overwrite the standard flags.

Make sure you don't have any other flag packs in the graphics folders as this may cause a conflict resulting in them not working.

You would have had the Vapour flags in a zip file in the Vapour logo megapack when you downloaded it.

Out of interest which skins are they not working with?

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Thanks Derek, yeah I've unzipped the flags in the Vapour logo folder. Can't see any other flags in my graphics folder. I've been using the Tato22 skin for a little while and it shows the standard flags, I'm just checking the skin folders to see if there is something in there. Seems to be the only one now I've cleared cache etc. Thanks @Derek


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