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SSD23 BETA v1.0

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Hi all on FMG, I come back today with my new skin.

As I like the blueish touch in this year's game, no more gold for me. It will be all blue this time (but with a reds save as you can see with the screens)




a31632 : Thank you for helping me in the inbox screen to add/move the faces on the left of the screen.
FMEnhanced : Thank you for allowing me to use some of your panels (popup player)
wozzie : Thank you for allowing me to use some of your panels (nation overview for exemple)
michaeltmurrayuk, bluestillidie00, wkdsoul : And others from official SI forums for all the help and advices given.

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I see you used the inbox panels I gave to you with instructions on how to get them to work in your own skin and released it. No credits given either.

A fellow skinner helping another one gone bad I would say. As well, lesson learned…….

This is the reason why I don’t release my skin publicly anymore, people showcase someone else’s work and don’t even give credit or ask for permission.


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2 hours ago, Shark said:

My bad. Credits was given on another forum but not here. I will edit the OP here to give credit to all the people who helped me.

No credit was given on “community.sigames.com” and “fmscout “ either….. Sorry but apologies not accepted. Don’t pass on other people’s work and claim it’s yours. Not cool 

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  • Shark changed the title to SSD23 BETA v1.0

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