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Messing around with the editor

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Anyone else get bored and mess around with the editor? 

I've created a rival league to the MLS, a wealthy business man has set up a rival league using the US territory Puerto Rico.

It's has 2 top leagues running side by side, American West and American East leagues, 20 existing teams from the top US cities battle it out in each league, the top 8 in each league play in a championship playoff.

The All American Cup pits all 40 teams against each other in 8 groups of 5, the teams play each other twice, with the top 2 going through to the knockout stages, the winner of this plays in the CONCACAF Champions League

All teams have had an increase in reputation and have been given a bank balance of £100m with a transfer budget of £75m to get the teams to a good level

There's £40m for winning the league, dropping £2m for each place, you get £2.5m for winning the first knockout stage, £5m for the QF, £10m for the SF and £20m for winning the Grand Final. £80m for winning the Championship playoff, £50m TV money each year

There's also a Community Shield for the winners of both the East and West leagues before the start of the season, the winner getting £10m and the lower £2.5m

So a lot of money to be made to create a team to take on the world.

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