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  1. Version 2024.01


    FM Stadium Backgrounds 2024.01 Pack by @ElMatador Research Team @AndreaSSL1900 @Heval @NassFas This pack contains over 140 updated or new mini stadium images in a size of 1200x720 or at least 800x480 pixels. Installation Instructions Drag and drop the contents (including the config files) of each folder in this update pack into the corresponding folder in the megapack and replace the existing backgrounds when prompted. Do not drag and drop the actual folders as this will overwrite your megapack. Then simply go to preferences in FM and reload your skin. If you would like to contribute to this pack simply join our research team and post the backgrounds and ID numbers in the correct thread.
  2. Thank you for your help. I added most of the images in the new update, but some of the stadium were already in the pack. However, some of the images you have sent were better so replaced them.
  3. No worries, we both do what we can. However, from the pack you sent me 75% was workable.
  4. Thank you I will take a look at it. I will take and do what I can from the pack you've sent and adapt, some images are just to small to do so.
  5. @AndreaSSL1900Thank you! I will create an add on pack with the new stadiums. Try sending in packs that will definitely help allot. I will firstly take a look at those who are missing, because I have to adjust images to the required 1200x720 and 800x480 (inside the stadium, with possibly a stand and field on view). The issues with clubs playing in the wrong stadiums have to be dealt by SI and inform them via their page so that they correct the wrong stadiums in the given database, otherwise I would have to change the DB. I inform them in Japan about a wrong stadium and still they did nothing about it in the last update after the public release. From what I know this recurrent and that's unfortunately. I'm trying to build a good pack with quality images so will focus on that. I reviewed South Korea (both leagues) so that the images are up to date an the missing images are dealt with. At this pois I'm trying to build a new foundation for the pack, so that we have a complete one.
  6. The issue with incorrect ID to a certain club is something we have to be aware of because the game doesn't do help us a great bit with it, sometimes incorrectly giving the wrong stadium to the club. I normally contact the SI researchers from X or Y country because of it. Lately had to inform about a certain stadium of a club in the second league in Japan that wasn't correct. If you notice it, please also inform the researchers so that it will be dealt with in the DB. This will facilitate our work as well.
  7. I've single handed did the Serie Italian Eccellenza (all the regions and redone some others) and also did some of the work at Serie D, but its quite difficult to find quality images of clubs that reached (or harshly) the upper leagues (Serie C up worth). Countries as Portugal, have nearly no quality images (in the lower leagues) and its the same in Italy, this is why its important that people share what they find, every little bit helps. My objective was\is to create a quality pack and verify some unknown issues as what you state. Hopefully more people will join us.
  8. Version 2024.00


    This pack contains over 5,000 mini stadium images in a size of 1200x720 or at least 800x480 pixels.
  9. Ok very well, how do I send it directly to you? I can also do with some help with the research, given I'm a one man band at the moment. Any help you can give me is precious (@wjt45, or any other member who would love to help). I suppose you have to take a look at the package first.
  10. @DerekSure! I'm creating an "Inside stadium" type of image inicially I was working 800x480 images, but as I said before, the new images I have done for Sortitoutsi (J league) was in 1200x720. As you may suspect, I worked around the base stadium images FMT left back in 2021 (FM Scout), so my objective would be to update what I already have and add new content if required. Also, lower leagues are quite difficult to find and when I did the Serie Eccellenza (Italian 5th division), It wasn't easy. The only question I have, to whom do I send the package?
  11. I have made my own pack since 2021 and been updating it myself. I do some work for our collegues at sortitoutsi (my last one, being a total update of the 3 J leagues) , so wouldn't mind sharing my own pack and then we can work from there. Let me know what you think Derek.
  12. Not sure this one has been added, but here you go. Chisola Calcio - ID: 43066349
  13. Hey Guys, just verified the U.S Ancona logo isn't updated, given it has the old name stated on the yellow part of the logo (AC Ancona). ID: 1104 - U.S. Ancona 1905
  14. Hi guys! Just noted the issue with the Juventus NEXT GEN wasn't resolved, so did some digging around via other creatores and just resolved it. I will place the .zip here so that you can update it. Not sure if this was already done, but here you go. PS: Forgot to mention, this resloves the issue of the small logo not appearing. Juve NXT GEN.zip
  15. I also noticed that in South Africa second league (GladAfrica Championship) the following logo is missing.Casric Stars Football Club - ID: 2000197676
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