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Steel Backgrounds Megapack - OUT NOW!!! Over 72,000 Backgrounds

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New, improved and optimised Steel Backgrounds Megapack 
Club Backgrounds: 66,016
Competition Backgrounds: 6,544
Nations Backgrounds: 266
Confederations: 7
Total: 72,833
Total Size: 21.43 GB
A big thank to the research team as Steel Backgrounds passes 72,000 backgrounds!
Start by downloading both Steel Backgrounds Megapack parts and place in the below folder. 
You MUST download both parts as they only work as a collection.
C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\graphics
Once you’ve done this you will need to select both parts at once and extract them using your chosen application. I have tested this on both Mac using Keka and Windows using Winrar.
This will create a single file named Steel Backgrounds Megapack.
Then simply reload your skin and enjoy using in Football Manager.
If you like Steel Backgrounds please check out the Steel Logos Megapack to complete the collection.
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Posted by: @parsdaft1983

So, took me a few days to download due to bad wifi, only for one of the files to be corrupted when trying to extract! I think its the megapack one that was mate.

I’ll download it again mate and try it. I have already downloaded it before sharing and it worked fine so not sure what’s gone wrong.


Have you selected both files together when extracting?

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Hey mate, sorry for the delay in coming back on this. I've just downloaded the full pack in the last hour and all seems fine. I've been able to extract both files together to form the megapack.

Sometimes errors can occur when downloading and this could be the case here. Sorry about this but all should work fine now.

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Ok, stupid question. I have edited my skin so I can use city pics. However, when I clear skin cache and the skin reverts to the "default" background (I have a background selector), the "default" background is the relevant city pic. How would I go about using these backgrounds, yet still keep the city pics?

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16 hours ago, TheFMVeteran86 said:

I've got the same problem with downloading speed 

They are huge packs mate which we don't produce anymore because of this issue.

We need to work with some of our skinning guys to make it possible to use one default image and the chosen logo back to create these going forward. This will not happen right now though.

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