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  1. @Derek thx Bro, finally get FM23 when i have time try to post some Mou tactic's :)
  2. Sorry guys at the moment i change work, and don't have time for buy FM23 and still have only the Demo, i think for X-max coming back, also i try the demo when is possible.
  3. for FM 23 i think i'm ready i buy new PC: Intel i5 (12th generation) 16Gb RAM DDR4 NVidia GTX1650 4GB SSD 500GB next Gen 12x what u think?
  4. is sure mate wait for the first preview S.I. relase, and we wait for FM23
  5. For sure i tested it, and make some tactics whit ASR and other team
  6. @Derek i think is this tool i used, at the moment still learn and practice, but i try to learn fast and join the club when i can !
  7. for the first time i try make 2D/3d kit.....nothing special but is my first time
  8. Born in Turin, live in Roma my dad is from sardegna my mother from switzerland xD
  9. At the moment i play Diablo Immortal free to play MMO
  10. @Derek Thx so much Extraordinary work love it
  11. hi @Derek when u have time can u create the logo and shirt for Red Bull Roma thank you.
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