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Replicating teams logos using designevo.com


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Football teams, especially smaller ones, rely on an online logo creator called designevo.com. This website offers a wide range of templates that are highly recognisable, making it easy for teams to create a logo.

The idea is that you can also use designevo.com to recreate the team's logo. By selecting the same template and customising it to match the team's colours and other design elements, you can create a logo that closely resembles the original.

The link for football logos is https://www.designevo.com/create/logos/football.html

For example, here is Verwood Athletic Football Club, they are not in FM, I am just using them as an example


This is the template used: https://www.designevo.com/apps/logo/?name=star-soccer-ball-badge

That is all I wanted to share, I didn't recreate the logo because it is in pretty high resolution, and there would be no need because of the team's absence in the game.

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