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This is a club for Graphics Researchers. Feel free to join and get involved.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Achyronas-Onisilos (2000188262) (improvement)
  3. kazakhstan premier league new logo since feb 2024 - id 59007527 Qazaqstan_Football_League_Logo.svg
  4. and in contrast to that, the logo for their esports team:
  5. Deportes Melipilla - 130786 (Improvement)
  6. bigger resolution historical 90th anniversary
  7. Digenis Koskinou (36048553) (full picture) (team on the left)
  8. the logo above has been in use online and on social media since 2016 and is the old logo for jerseys and teamwear - because of the effects overload, it should go into the alternatives folder https://www.facebook.com/skuvaly/photos/t.100057477707047/1368729459809165/?type=3 a variant without gradients and bling bling effects the logo without the 3d distortion, as used on their current jerseys, teamwear and merchandise in 2024 - this should be the main logo https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=881154270477155&set=a.549729860286266 https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=866595721933010&set=a.866598565266059 historical 1 (60th anniversary - colors as above, blue and white) historical 2 (80th anniversary)
  9. Slovan Velvary new logo - ID 25051559 https://www.facebook.com/fcslovanvelvary/?locale=pl_PL Sparta Kolin new logo - ID 136200 https://www.facebook.com/fkk1912?locale=pl_PL Domazlice updated logo - ID 25004974 Domazlice B updated logo - ID 2000208436 https://www.facebook.com/jiskra.domazlice?locale=pl_PL
  10. Robstav - not in database https://www.facebook.com/fkrobstavprestice/
  11. Oriented Birds FC - 65025743 Mpumalanga FA - 2000275539 Umsinga Utd - 2000260118 FC Blackcross - 2000262833 FC Buffalo - 2000260119
  12. @schweigi Will do mate Guys this seems to be happening quite a bit lately and ends up having an effect on how the packs perform in game. What I mean by that is you will see reserve or youth teams displaying different logos to the main team. If logos are for use with a custom DB please mention it as they can be included in the alternative folder for personal use.
  13. @AndreaSSL1900Please only post logos with confirmed IDs that are part of the official DB. All logos from Serbia and Thailand do not exist. Maybe they will be created in the future - but with completely different IDs.
  14. @DerekAll logos not part of the official DB (except ID 7460501). Please delete them.
  15. @DerekSame here, please delete them. Not part of the official DB.
  16. @DerekAll logos starting with 2000337 do not exist in the official DB. Please delete them, maybe they will be created in the next weeks - but with completely different IDs.
  17. COMPETITIONS Fortuna Narodni Liga new logo - ID 131288

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