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This is a Club for FMG Kit Creators. If you are interested in joining please request access.
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  2. Version 2023.00


    FMG Kits Templates Adidas This pack includes 117 Adidas templates for creating FMG Kits.
  3. Version 2023.00


    Hummel Oldham Home 2022-23
  4. I'm starting from scratch on this guys and will release it as one pack. I'll start on this tomorrow.
  5. FMG Kits Template Version 1.0 This pack contains the FMG Kits Template & Pack Preview Template
  6. Hi Derek The only template I have is PES one, I'm I right in assuming there's another
  7. Hey mate It's actually in the main template. If you go to Patterns - Brands - Adidas you will see it listed as Adidas Fade
  8. Evening All I'm struggling with the attached, finding this template awkward to do Thanks
  9. I think you’ve done a good job with the kit mate. Just keep making them and it gets easier and easier. If you are making any official kits use standard logos only. Asides from that it’s perfect.
  10. Thanks a lot @Derek it is really helpful, appreciate that ^^ I made my first attempt with Den Bosch kit that I made before. If I can improve in some way, please tell me. Any help is welcome, as I'm learning how to make kits
  11. Hi All I've updated the FMG Kits PES Template and added a ruler to help with logo positioning. I've used this quite a bit now and when you are making or using PES kits make sure you use 2048x2048 pixels kits. Also I've relabelled one of the layers for use with dark kits only as without the layer bright kits are much more vibrant. Here is a quick tutorial too. Any questions just ask in here.
  12. Version 2022.00


    Bang Sports Template
  13. Sure I’ll do this tomorrow if I have time mate.
  14. @DerekCan I have this Olympique Safi template made? It is used in all kits. Also I found the Olympique Safi logo used in the kit, it just needs to be cut out. Brand is Bang Sports which is in the FMG kit template.
  15. @Shark @NassFas @kristo @Brommers92 I've updated the PES kits template now and added a guide image for logo placement. Also it's not necessary to use the FMG Kit Colour smart layer, simply place your image between that and the shadows layer and it will work fine. I hope it's helpful.

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