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This club is for FMG Round Logo Creators. If you're interested in working on this project please request access.
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  2. This is a significant update to the template guys which you may all find helpful. FMG Round Logos Template 2024.01 Update Stripes Added Patterns Added Guides Added Segments Added
  3. As more people are starting to join the project or at least showing an interest I've just put together some tips below. Start by downloading the main template which is in the templates section. I will look to create an updated version with stripes etc now that I've finished the Brazil pack. If your new to the style I would begin by making some random clubs and placing them in the thread for feedback and then work towards packs. Tips I would try to keep all logos in line with how the current logo looks as they are supposed to be simply re-imagined rather than completely redesigned. This actually makes it easier I feel as you can take the main parts required from the existing logo. However, feel free to experiment with things. If you can only find a poor quality original logo then feel free to improvise. Keep all the logos round in terms of the outer layer so that everything is uniform. Keep all your PSD files for each logo so that if a change is necessary you can make it easily without starting from nothing. If making packs, you should have logos in the following sizes 512x512, 180x180, 50x36 and 25x18. You can download a pack to check for examples. If you need help with this just ask. If making packs please also make a preview image which is included in the main template. This is used on the site when uploading but also on social media. Logos in the preview image are 300px. If a pack is too big for you to complete alone just ask for help. Some nations have many playable leagues so any help that is required is not a problem. Check the WIP list to see what's available, what's completed and what's in progress - https://footballmanagergraphics.com/fmg-round-logos-wip-list/ If you need help at any point simply post a message in here.
  4. WIP List updated. https://footballmanagergraphics.com/fmg-round-logos-wip-list/
  5. I've completed both Spain and Holland now. I'll finalise the packs tomorrow and then release them. I'll work on Scotland next. WIP List updated.
  6. Cool Here are the other logos from last year that I have. No other ones exist. Portugal Random
  7. @kristo are you working on Norway or Holland mate? I've got logos for both and had planned to work on Holland after I finish Spain (2 Divisions left). I just want to make sure we are not working on the same things. These are from last years packs. Current WIP List - https://footballmanagergraphics.com/fmg-round-logos-wip-list/ EDIT: It was missing your name beside Norway. Updated now mate Norway Holland
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Feyenoord Rotterdam Round Logo PSD
  9. Version 1.0.0


    AFC Ajax Round logo PSD
  10. Version 1.0.0


    ADO Den Haag Round Logo PSD
  11. Version 2024.00


    Sao Paulo Round Logo PSD
  12. Version 2024.00


    Fortaleza Round Logo PSD
  13. Here you go mate. I've also fixed the issue with viewing the WIP List.
  14. Version 2024.00


    Flamengo Round Logo PSD
  15. Would you mind sharing Flamengo's PSD as well? For me to change the sizes please.
  16. Here you go mate. Logo Resizing.atn I've also attached a simple action file to help you resize the images. There are five actions 1) Full Size from PSD - Press this when you finish the logo and have the PSD open. 2) Resize 512 - This will resize the currently open logo to 512x512 pixels. 3) Resize 180 - This will resize the currently open logo to 180x180 pixels. 4) Resize 50x36 - This will resize the currently open logo to 50x36 pixels. 5) Resize 25x18 - This will resize the currently open logo to 25x18 pixels.
  17. Version 2024.00

    1 download

  18. Thank you so much! I was trying to get that black and red background inside the first circle and then the font separately but i couldn't. Mind sharing the other sizes or the PSD file?
  19. Oh but Flamengo looks amazing, i'll use it in my pack if you don't mind.

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