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  1. FINNISH COMPETITIONS Kakkonen new logo - ID 33000117, 33000118, 33000120 FINNISH NO DATABASE COMPETITIONS Here you can check the finnish football pyramid https://tulospalvelu.palloliitto.fi/categories
  2. Slovan Velvary new logo - ID 25051559 https://www.facebook.com/fcslovanvelvary/?locale=pl_PL Sparta Kolin new logo - ID 136200 https://www.facebook.com/fkk1912?locale=pl_PL Domazlice updated logo - ID 25004974 Domazlice B updated logo - ID 2000208436 https://www.facebook.com/jiskra.domazlice?locale=pl_PL
  3. Robstav - not in database https://www.facebook.com/fkrobstavprestice/
  4. COMPETITIONS Fortuna Narodni Liga new logo - ID 131288
  5. Yes but one logo for Kategoria e dyte and logos for kategoria e trete are incorrect
  6. I-League 3 - ID 40000892 Goa division - ID 5624934 Under 18 League - ID 40035413
  7. Some new albanian teams with no ID FC Kinostudio Tirana KF Arnisa Prestige MFC Eagle FA
  8. Some albanian competitions updates Kategoria e Dyte - ID 8351378 https://fshf.org/competition/kategoria-e-dyte/ https://fshf.org/competition/kategoria-e-dyte-b/ Kategoria e Trete - ID 2000093009, 2000095101, 2000095103 https://fshf.org/competition/kategoria-e-trete/ Albanian club updates Himara new logo - ID 11010799
  9. COMPETITIONS Indian I-League new logo (white inside) - ID 5624525
  10. AFC Asian Cup updated logo - ID 102414
  11. These association logos are commonly used for the serbian third divisions and are official logos. Here the Srpska Liga Beograd website (serbian 3th tier Belgrade region) https://www.fsb.org.rs/takmicenje/srpska-liga-beograd/ I'm agree with you about Zonske Lige (4th tier) logos that are more specific That's the website of LND Abruzzo region in Italy https://abruzzo.lnd.it/ The logo you see on the site is used for all three regional divisions in the fifth, sixth and seventh division because they are all managed by LND Abruzzo but are three different divisions. The same goes for LND Lazio, LND Campania, etc. LND means national amateur league. It works like serbian regional leagues logos
  12. Polet Idvor missing logo - ID 2000337320 Hajduk Stapar missing logo - ID 2000337317
  13. Third and fourth divitions have the same competitons logos You have another example with italian 5th, 6th and 7th tier (Eccellenza, Promozione and Prima Categoria). These are all regional divisions that have the same competitions logos but are three different divisions
  14. Durdin missing logo - ID 2000337319 Vojovodina Backo Gradiste missing logo - ID 2000337318 Buducnost Dudovica missing logo - ID 2000337347 Zlot missing logo - ID 2000337341 Nasa Krila Belotinac missing logo - ID 2000337335 Orljane missing logo - ID ID 2000337336 Srbija Ilicevo missing logo - ID 2000337321 Divci missing logo - ID 2000337324
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