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1860 München

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TSV 1860 Munich - Wikipedia

So I had an issue with FM and I lost my saves and couldn't run the game either. So I've got that resolved now and I'm back to take 1860 Munich to the Bundesliga (well hopefully).

I've made some transfers and I'm really excited to see how our keeper Gauer develops during this save.


So how is it going? Well, so far so good as we sit top at the halfway point and on a decent unbeaten run after coming through a tough run.

The star of the show so far seems to be Vrenezi and keeping him fit is the only way we will see this through to promotion. He's been there with either an assist or a goal whenever it's mattered


Screenshot-2023-08-03-at-19-12-53.png Screenshot-2023-08-03-at-19-13-11.png
Screenshot-2023-08-03-at-19-13-27.png Screenshot-2023-08-03-at-19-14-01.png
Screenshot-2023-08-03-at-19-14-25.png Screenshot-2023-08-03-at-19-14-32.png



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So the first season is completed is now and over and I'm delighted to have won promotion to 2.Bundesliga with a second placed finish.

The media had predicted we would finish outside the promotion places but a great run at the turn of the year saw us lead for most of the campaign. We could have won the league only for a poor run in the last 8 games which saw only 3 wins, resulting in finishing one point behind Essen.

2 Bundesliga here we come 😀

Screenshot-2023-08-04-at-23-09-11.png Screenshot-2023-08-04-at-23-09-35.png Screenshot-2023-08-04-at-23-09-42.png Screenshot-2023-08-04-at-23-10-02.png

Screenshot-2023-08-04-at-23-21-17.png Screenshot-2023-08-04-at-23-21-24.png Screenshot-2023-08-04-at-23-21-36.png Screenshot-2023-08-04-at-23-21-48.png

Screenshot-2023-08-04-at-23-21-57.png Screenshot-2023-08-04-at-23-22-11.png Screenshot-2023-08-05-at-01-09-52.png


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On 09/08/2023 at 14:03, Tempelman said:

Very nice first season! I didn't even know 1860 went down to 3. Liga. Didn't they share the Allianz Arena with Bayern before? 

They did indeed mate until around 2006 when they sold their 50% stake to Bayern due to financial problems. It's a pity as I'd enjoy playing there in this save but we currently play at Städtisches Stadion an der Grünwalder Straße which is over 113 years old (15,000 cap).

I've just finished the second season and we've done a lot better than the predicted relegation by finishing 4th and just two points off the playoffs. We lost two of our last three games to burst that bubble but we will go again next season.

I did have an opportunity to interview for the Schalke job which I did but they chose Giovanni van Bronckhorst. I don't think I would have taken the job but it's lit a fire in me to finishes ahead of them next season.


Screenshot-2023-08-08-at-23-20-59.png Screenshot-2023-08-08-at-23-21-07.png Screenshot-2023-08-08-at-23-21-13.png
Screenshot-2023-08-08-at-23-21-22.png Screenshot-2023-08-08-at-23-21-30.png Screenshot-2023-08-08-at-23-21-38.png
Screenshot-2023-08-08-at-23-21-47.png Screenshot-2023-08-08-at-23-21-57.png Screenshot-2023-08-08-at-23-22-07.png


I've been left alone for this weekend with my family traveling to see grandparents etc so I'm going to do what any sane middle aged man would do by knocking a couple of seasons out. 😆

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Dear Bundesliga,

We are back baby! 🤣 We've just beaten Borussia Moenchengladbach in the promotion playoffs!!!!

We've finished with 8 points more than last season which seen us finish in 3rd place and deservedly so. It was a bit of a struggle up until the mid point of the season as we had only won 4 of 15 in a terrible run. However, having changed our approach tactically, as well as the team gelling a bit better we finished the season strongly.

The first leg of the playoff saw us lose 1-0 away in what was a game we dominated but a very strong performance in the second leg saw us claim promotion.  🎉🎉🎉

Screenshot-2023-08-10-at-00-30-59.png Screenshot-2023-08-10-at-00-31-25.png 

As you can see we are firm favourites to go down and have next to know money to spend 😆

I'm not worried though as we've got Brunner and Rijkhoff on loan from Dortmund (Options to Buy) to boost our attacking options.

Sepp van den Berg comes in alongside a young regen Salas at CB which completes a decent spin to the team, albeit quite young.



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We're just past the half way point of our first season in Bundesliga and we are performing quite well. A few tactical tweeks to make the defensive side more solid has helped edge out tight games.

I'm quite happy to get Brunner again on loan from Dortmund while the addition of Colombian wonderkid Salas at the back adds quality and excitement for the future.

We've also seen the addition of an exciting prospect in our youth ranks with left back Weber looking like a future star.

Screenshot-2023-08-16-at-18-30-55.png Screenshot-2023-08-16-at-18-31-03.png Screenshot-2023-08-16-at-18-31-23.png
Screenshot-2023-08-16-at-18-31-33.png Screenshot-2023-08-16-at-18-31-45.png Screenshot-2023-08-16-at-18-32-10.png


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