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Action pack style from the noughties

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Just found an old facepack style I released a few packs with around 2006. It was a guy from Malaysia who invented the style. I don't remember his name but he was active on susie, unfirtunately after they updateted the site the old forums gone so I can't find the old post and find his name. I got permission from him to keep it going with this style some years ago, but life got in the way. The style was made with both club and country from the original creator, but I preffered the country style. The style was in the 140x180 format.

I don't have time any more to do to this type of work anymore, but post it here to see if someoneelse likes the style.

I've attached four examples and the template. Might be that some of the logos has to be replaced since some nation probably have new logos. I've used the shirt logo of the national team not the federation logo.

If someone likes this and want to make more countries , this is the way the different layers are set: Flag 140x30 and opacity 35%. Height of logos is 35 pixels just copy the outer glow from another layer. Text use Century Gothic 15 pts and stroke 1pts. You can change text colour similar to home shirt of their country, but I haven't done this.

harry kane.png

awer mabil.png

ryan thomas.png

martin odegaard.png

Facepack template.psd

I've quite a few files in this style, but many players from the days I made this style have retired. If anyone want those files I can upload them here.

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Thanks for sharing this mate, I don't recall seeing this one before but it looks quite cool.

I'm sure theres a way now with skinning to have the name and flag appear automatically without having to manually do it.

Some of the skinners here might know better than me.

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