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Hi all,

Following my work last year, I've created another skin for FM22. I've called it SSD22.


Fixed issue where last 11 was not displaying on 4K version.
Edited home panel.
Edited some news item panels in the inbox.
Edited player overview panel (now you can have player biography, attribute analyser or comparison in every small selectors, not only top right one)
Fixed issue with awards panel.
New popup panels. (big thanks to FMEnhanced who let me use his work)

Creation of SSD22 1080p, SSD22 4K, SSD22 LOW.
So now you will have to choose the right skin according to your desktop resolution.
Main skin is 1080p version, optimized for my personal use.
If you have a smaller resolution, use SSD22 LOW. Some panels are hidden/rearranged.
If you have a bigger resolution, use SSD22 4K. As you have more space, I have added some panels to show more info.



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I can see you have a big screen resolution. If you want, there is an extra feature for 4K screens on club overview. I've added some panels to have an extra line to show more info as you have more space.

Second thing, you can add city pics to fill the gap in the top right corner.

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Yes but by default it is the file for 1080p. If you have a bigger resolution (or a smaller one) you have an option in the extras folder. I've only changed 1-2 files so no big changes. Only trying to solve the bugs I'm aware of.

So you just have to copy/paste the files from extras to the main skin folder.

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