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Current starting XI

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Show off your current starting XI


GK: Radovan Raketic


DR: Jurriën Timber


DL: Juanjo Larrinaga


DC: Renato Antônio


DC: Rodolphe Hebert


MCR: Ilaix Moriba


MCL: Felix Hüsing


AMR: Dick Wendt


AML: Khvicha Kvaratskhelia


AMC: Luca Mortellaro


ST: Lorenzo Lucca

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I always play 4-3-3 but switched with Bristol City as when I came up to the EPL my defence wasn't the greatest. It's worked up until now but I'll definitely revert to 4-3-3 when I get some better players or develop my current squad over time. 

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I am now a season further, and added two players to the starting XI...

The first is De Ligt, I want more Dutch players in my team... I have been after him for a while, but Juve would always ask for 200M plus. Although at 31 now, he cost me 65M plus a worthless defender of my reserves, which is okay for me, since he seems to be one of the best defenders of the game... I also want Gravenbergh but he is still too expensive and Chelsea won't let him go :(


And added Wrobel, who is an extremely talented right winger

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Currently starting the 33/34 season, this is my first XI at the moment:


GK: Radovan Raketic (18M from Partizan, 2024)


DR: Jurriën Timber (115M from Liverpool, 2028) or Radoslav Gambos (Own youth)


DL: Juanjo Larrinaga (Own youth)


DCs: (I actually have 4, who I rotate) Mathijs de Ligt (65M from Juventus, 2030), Denis Vasiljev (130 (yes, really) from Yenisey Krasnoyarsk, 2027), Rodolphe Hebert (7,5M from Caen, 2023), Juan García (105M from Villarreal, 2033)


MCs: (One DLP (defend), one AP (support) Denis Vasiljev also plays as a midfielder. Nicholas Oliver (My first ever Brit! 109M from Arsenal, 2032), Ilaix Moriba (120M from Hertha Berlin, 2028)


AMR: Carsten Wrobel (77M from Hoffenheim, 2030) or Gerardo Aguilar (5,25M from San Lorenzo, 2028)


AML: Ismael Fondarella (97M from Villarreal, 2030), KYLIAN MBAPPÉ (!!) (37M from Man Utd, 2033)


AMC: Luca Mortellaro (42M from Atalanta, 2027)


ST: Either Mbappé or Antonio Pokie (Own youth), or Joao Carlos (20M from Freiburg, 2027)



I bought Mbappé although I actually don't really need him... Though he is 34, he still is the best striker (I think) in the game... I have no idea where to play him, I think on the left and maybe sometimes as a striker.

I also have off course some rotational players on the bench...

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