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  1. kazakhstan premier league new logo since feb 2024 - id 59007527 Qazaqstan_Football_League_Logo.svg
  2. and in contrast to that, the logo for their esports team:
  3. bigger resolution historical 90th anniversary
  4. the logo above has been in use online and on social media since 2016 and is the old logo for jerseys and teamwear - because of the effects overload, it should go into the alternatives folder https://www.facebook.com/skuvaly/photos/t.100057477707047/1368729459809165/?type=3 a variant without gradients and bling bling effects the logo without the 3d distortion, as used on their current jerseys, teamwear and merchandise in 2024 - this should be the main logo https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=881154270477155&set=a.549729860286266 https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=866595721933010&set=a.866598565266059 historical 1 (60th anniversary - colors as above, blue and white) historical 2 (80th anniversary)
  5. i thought these had already been included. vectors kategoria superiore kategoria e parë kategoria e dytë kategoria e tretë albanian cup
  6. i-league, vector i-league historical, vector i-league historical alt i-league qualifiers historical i-league 2 i-league 2 historical i-league 3 youth league u-15 youth league u-15 historical youth league u-15 historical alt youth league u-17 youth league u-17 sponsor youth u-18 historical youth league u-13 STATE LEAGUES (many as badly traced vectors) arunachal pradesh, vector assam assam historical bihar chattisgarh (no dedicated league logo) delhi goa goa historical gujarat himachal pradesh jammu and kashmir jammu and kashmir historical karnataka (no dedicated league logo) kerala
  7. there is a dedicated topic, although it has been inactive for a while now:
  8. the original logo is from florida international university golden panthers / fiu panthers and has been copied with variations all over the place across different sports, australian football, basketball, baseball, football, schools etc. https://www.sportslogos.net/logos/list_by_team/678/FIU_Panthers
  9. apoel vector format https://www.brandsoftheworld.com/logo/apoel-nicosia omonia vector format https://www.brandsoftheworld.com/logo/omonia-nicosia-3 dmitry lukyanchuk and anatoly agnyotkin have made a lot of historical/vintage logos. anatoly sadly has passed a few years back, his output and quality of the logos is amazing.
  10. that would be fantasy/concept then, thanks! that’s just for me to know in which category to put or store them.
  11. historical logos for malaysian fa and its predecessors: 1933-1956 1957-1961 1961-1963 1963-1987 2016-2017 (team logo) cup competition
  12. these are all incorrect - the current logos must not be used for historical entities or organizations. first step has to be to find out what the real names for the territories are, there was no »singh indian«, for instance. it could be punjab, but that’s just a guess - the same goes for »southeast asian chinese«, which has nothing to do with the current chinese national football team or its logo, which you posted. if the correct logo is unknown, the entry is best left alone.
  13. the update packs are separate from the base pack (megapack). you’ll need both the megapack and the updates. you can see the archive size on the right hand side.
  14. nice ones, cheers! are these concept/fantasy logos?
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